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Monday, August 16, 2021

MONDAY #4618

One Of My Very Own

Been there done that.





I wanted us out but this is a classic clusterfuck.


I've been very busy in my studio but I can easily roll my TV and remote box in there so I can keep up with things. One of the things I have been keeping up with is soccer and I watched as Brentford beat Arsenal 2-0. This was Brentford's first game in the Premier League in 74 years! There was an old man attending the game who was also present for Brentford's last game in the Premier League all those decades ago.




My wife once came out of the dressing room wearing the ugliest dress I’d ever seen so I told her I hated it and she told me that it was literally the same dress that she'd been wearing all day.

And that, Gentle Reader, is how you get out of ever having to go shopping with you wife.



Some movies would never work as a book. Mars Attack is one of them. But the enthusiasm of the actors and actresses made it work well don't you think?


Not me. I had my money on another more lethal surge because stupid motherfuckers won't take a free vaccine which would do a lot to get us back to normal.


Nowadays we look back on that as idiotic. I mean why stick with a system that the rest of the world rejected years ago?

Well, today we Americans reject the ultra-simple metric system because "we've always done it this other much more complicated way" - tradition: the bane of advancement since the dawn of time.

But think about how wonderful it would be if we adopted military time or the 24-hour clock. No more AM or PM. No possible way to confuse a time. And it is super easy to learn. But no, "We've always done it this other stupid way and refuse to even think about changing."


Hudson Yards’ Vessel may close permanently after the fourth suicide in two years.

The 150-foot climbable sculpture in Hudson Yards may shut down permanently after a teenager jumped to his death from the structure on Thursday. Vessel, an interactive public art piece designed by Thomas Heatherwick that opened in 2019 as the centerpiece of the $25 billion development, temporarily closed in January after three suicides, reopening a few months later with a new “buddy system.”  The death of a 14-year-old boy on Thursday marks the fourth suicide at Vessel in less than two years.


I know things are bad for a lot of people right now but please don't do anything rash without at least talking to a professional. The world needs YOU whether you believe that or not. 

Call the Lifeline Anytime, 24/7


Call The Veterans Crisis Line



God: Dear Humans, You might want to strap in for climate change.

Devil: Don't believe him he doesn't know what he's talking about.


And they don't get paid for saying that...unlike the "experts" who wrote that article you read?




Here's where most rabid conservatives and myself differ. I say he violated MY standards and he has to go. I will NEVER defend someone just because he's a Democrat. Can you say the same?


A classic ruse of despots is to accuse the other side of doing exactly what they are doing. Hospitals being crammed full of unvaccinated people is not "the information we don't like." It is a fact. And it is caused by the bad advice the far right has been spewing since this whole mess started.


Almost every argument in which I and a conservative engage results in the conservative framing every single issue in dollars and cents. It appears that they think every living, caring human being can be reduced to a dollar amount.


I will bet money on which one of those two men will be judged the worse present to ever hold the office.

Here's a hint:


My #1 advisor researched the shit out of masks designed for children and came up with this.

It has replaceable filters that filter...well...everything. It breathes very easily. It doesn't make contact with his nose or lips. And it's washable.

And what he likes best is that it has two straps so it doesn't fuck with his ears.

Last weekend a sat in front of a Zoom meeting and listened to my grandson read a book to me. A real book. With adult words. He's just turned 6.

And he showed me where his parents decided to display the toy box I built for him.

And a good time was had by all.


I am proud to say I haven't been inside a Walmart in 20 years.



You're telling me the Starship Enterprise can materialize ANY food out of thin air and there isn't ONE crew member struggling with their weight? I call that a plot hole.



7 foot tall Toyota bot hits shot from half-court.


And his crew giggled when he showed them.


A hint...


A blind dog was scared to walk, so its owner made this nice little device...


How the worlds heaviest airplane, Antonov An-225, would look like on an aircraft carrier.


Yeah, we do this in the South.

Mailbox baseball or “mailboxing” is the act of using a baseball bat or other objects to knock over, dent, or smash roadside mailboxes by a passenger in a car. It can either be played as a game with score kept similar to baseball, or just done for fun.


You think things are bad now but one-day rich white girls won’t be able to shut up about their semester on the moon.



Watch a different person every time.


My wife does shit like that all the time.


Did you notice how quickly it caught on fire?!?


Yeah, she's healthy...I can just tell.


I once talked to a man who "hunted" alligators. I learned that state law forbid the shooting of the beasts until they were dragged to the boat on the end of a fishing rod. The law may have changed since then.




Is it a law that men cutting the top out of a very tall tree has to take a camera with them?


People with very high ceilings...

^^C 9-10^^

I tried that once and got arrested.


Russian competitive swimmer Yuliya Yefimova home workout.






*Viewer contribution








George Rogers was a football player at the University of South Carolina. When he won the Heisman Trophy people wanted a mural. They called me.

*That was another of my many convertibles.

I did all the lettering myself and I had never done it before. But with patience, it turned out rather well.

Then one day he not only was arrested for possession of cocaine but he wrote a check for it. That upset some people and they threw Christmas tree balls filled with white paint on the mural.

Mr. Rogers' lawyer hired me to fix it.




Try one of your blogs from about 1995. You will see the difference; you are not preaching in the earlier one. Nobody wants to know your opinion on anything. STOP PREACHING and recover the magic which you have lost. Mike

Donk said...

On George Rogers mural... consensus is misspelled ("concenus" all American).

Anonymous said...

FYI: I am interested in your opinion. Thats why your blog is a daily staple for me. I don't always agree with what you say but by and large, I do. Sometimes, you give me great talking points on things I didn't have the words to express. I've read A LOT of your older blog stuff and I think the biggest difference that I can see is that as you gotten older, more of your voice is heard. Not just pTalking with pictures. Keep doing what you're doing for as long as it makes you happy.


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