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Sunday, August 15, 2021

SUNDAY #4617

One Of My Very Own





A couple of things I was asked to consider today. The US has had troops in Korea and Germany for seventy years and I don't hear anyone demanding we pull out. Also, it's been a year and a half since a US soldier was killed in action with the enemy in Afghanistan...or so I'm told.




I asked my wife what she was going to buy at Target and she said, "Target will let me know when I arrive."






Once while my wife was out of town I decided to simmer some Hormel tamales and in my drunkenness decided to do a few chores in my studio while I waited. When I remembered them and returned to the stove I found a blackened mess...so ruined that I just threw the whole pan away. So...don't do that.


I can understand this...

While minoring in ceramics in college I learned all about kneading the clay to remove air bubbles. On more than one occasions someone lost a ring in the clay.



Ian seems to have gotten thinner.


That took me much too long.



This can almost be forgiven...


This can not...


All I can think about is the look on that bitch's face when her husband walked into the kitchen the next morning holding his head with both hands.





That has got to be an aunt. No mother would think her child's terror was amusing.


No, she is not stupid for falling and pulling down the guy's pants. She is stupid for wearing high heels on a pool apron with drains.


That was titled: Gas Station Sushi

We laugh at people's stupidity in movies who gawk instead of fleeing in horror in the presence of such a threat.


This is a rainstorm in Alabama outside a factory.

I, on the other hand, would be hunkering down in the sturdiest of interior spaces.


Now they are speaking the conspiracy that the FBI orchestrated the whole thing. You cultists can't be THAT stupid.

I'm a goose and gander kind of guy. If I have an issue with the Republicans then I can assure you I will have an issue with the Democrats doing the same thing. What say you, Republicans? Would you have tried to whitewash over the events of Jan. 6 if Obama had done it? If not then you are a mere puppet.


The modern-day Red Shirts.

When I asked my educated friends if they are vaccinated they are offended and say, "Of course! Do you think I'm an imbecile?!?"

This is madness. I could have never put anything close to such insanity in one of my novels because pre-covid NOBODY would accept that half the fucking country would refuse to take a vaccine that their own president takes credit for.

Pure madness.



You know who will never again be able to socially distance themselves? My wife's thighs.



They are so polite!


But wait...

Why is he being filmed at that exact moment?


Bravo my good man. I commend you.


That also took me longer than it should have.




Why do we all make that face when we can see something clearly?


I haven't a clue.


The Taliban recreating the Iwo Jima picture with their own flag and captured gear.

...or so I'm told.


If you ask someone how it's going and they reply "Another day in Paradise" trust me they want to die.



A tree growing through a fence.

I have a thing for trees that do such things.


Storm chaser Laura Rowe captured the picture of a lifetime on (May 17, 2021), with this fantastic shot of a mature supercell thunderstorm, illuminated at varying heights from the setting sun.




50 years of the bell rubbing on the door when it opens and closes.

Strange that they didn't include the bell in the photo.


700 years of rain dripping off a castle onto stone blocks in Italy.

^^C 3-5^^

Just in case things go south all your needs can be accommodated...



Stanley Ratchet Rotator

I needed one of those just the other day.


It would be interesting if the Bob-Cat spread the seeds to attract the ducks.


If you won't go to the Buddha...














Us vaccinated people need to wear a mask to keep from infecting the unvaccinated. If I visit a home in which everyone is vaccinated I don't need to wear a mask. I am certain that every person at Obama's birthday party had been vaccinated...and if not...fuck 'em.


I painted a historic house on the side of a building. Then at the entrance of the large patio, I erected hanging windows, a door, and a porch railing with the wall missing. The owner's wife is depicted in one of the windows.

BTW The woman in the window has her butt view from the other side.

Patrons walk through the "door" to gain access to the main entrance to the store.



Anonymous said...

B-7: That is a movie that you would probably enjoy called Galaxy Quest. It has Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman and a few other recognizable faces. Spoofs Star Trek, pretty damn funny.


Anonymous said...

You wrote: “ If I visit a home in which everyone is vaccinated I don't need to wear a mask”. This is NOT true, and vaccinated people who do this continue the spread AS MUCH AS unvaccinated people. The vaccine does not provide immunity to infection and it wasn’t designed to. Vaccinated people can catch and transmit COVID just as easily as an unvaccinated person. The only benefit of having the vaccine is that your symptoms are more likely to be mild since your immune system is trained to notice the infection earlier, so you will not burden the ER or ICU as much as you would otherwise. However, even that benefit was before delta, which the vaccine is less protective against, and now, in August, this protection is wearing off. PLEASE, encourage people to get vaccines, but don’t motivate them with dangerous misinformation! Lastly, when broken down by level of education, the largest group of vaccine hesitancy is found among PhDs. Doesn’t fit the narrative, does it? - A trusted advisor

Anonymous said...

"The vaccine does not provide immunity to infection and it wasn’t designed to. Vaccinated people can catch and transmit COVID just as easily as an unvaccinated person." While I agree that vaccinated individuals still need to exercise extreme caution, this is simply not true. According to the CDC (accessed 8/15/2021):

"Studies show that COVID-19 vaccines are effective at keeping you from getting COVID-19. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine will also help keep you from getting seriously ill even if you do get COVID-19. Learn more about the benefits of getting vaccinated."

The CDC goes on to say: COVID-19 vaccines teach our immune systems how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19. It typically takes 2 weeks after vaccination for the body to build protection (immunity) against the virus that causes COVID-19. That means it is possible a person could still get COVID-19 before or just after vaccination and then get sick because the vaccine did not have enough time to build protection. People are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after their second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, or 2 weeks after the single-dose Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine."

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/keythingstoknow.html#:~:text=COVID%2D19%20vaccines%20teach,19%20just%20after%20vaccination.

Some of what the individual posted is true. For example, those with the highest level of education...PhD's...surprisingly have the the highest rate of vaccine hesitancy among education level.
Source: https://www.upmc.com/media/news/072621-king-mejia-vaccine-hesitancy

Note: the above article has not yet been peer reviewed and was released pre-print.

HOWEVER, as a larger group, those with a BS degree or higher are among the least vaccine hesitant.

Getting back to vaccines and immunity. This is EXACTLY what vaccines do...they provide a non-infectious target for our immune system to build antibodies toward, such that when we are actually infected, we can kill the offending organism. Perhaps the person who posted is conflating COVID with SARS-CoV2 exposure?

Bottom line is that because the Delta variant is so easily transmissible (even more so than the common cold or flu), and because we still have a significant percentage of people who are unvaccinated (especially in the south), it is advisable to wear a mask among those individuals who are not in your "pod".

Side note...Obama's birthday party got a lot of flack for not requiring masks. I'm willing to bet that all attendees had to perform on site a negative rapid COVID test and provide vaccination proof before entering the party.


Anonymous said...

A19:Are these posts meant to have comedic value? Try an ad like “Come to Minnesota, it’s a riot”. Probably he called Trump because he thought he would have the most influence. Pelosi had an offer to bring the national guard in before 1-6. She declined. You’ll have to ask her why. Is there a number listed in the yellow pages for Antifa? Same issue with the democrats…. I don’t recall any posts of this ilk in your blog last summer during the BLM and Antifa riots with hundreds of arsons, lootings, assaults, property damage and yes, murders……speaking of puppets.

B8: Never seen a Taliban uniform; have you?

“Authoritarian” Biden had 53+ executive orders in 7 months. That would put him on pace for 363. Last one was on evictions even though the supreme court recently ruled that it was illegal. What about the small landlord who can’t pay the mortgage and gets foreclosed on? Oh, well, landlords are probably republicans, so. Are the antivaxers in Europe part of the Trump cult or maybe, just maybe, they have legitimate questions concerning the side effects of a yet “experimental vaccine”. I did, I do, but I evaluated the risks, and no thanks to the CDC or MSM including Fox, I got the vaccine. People don’t trust it in large part due to poor messaging from MSM (avoiding all coverage of side effects and obvious agendas), Fauci (no masks to 2), CDC (recalled PCR tests) and politicians (both parties). BTW: I read the same thing as Trusted Advisor about PhDs hesitancy. Yeah, those PhDs are probably just a bunch of dumb cultist republicans.

Anonymous said...

Ever locked down: Sweden no, Israel yes
Vaccination rate: Sweden 42%, Israel 62%
Population: Sweden 10.2 mil, Israel 9.1 mil
Ever did mask mandate: Sweden no, Israel yes
Deaths with Covid last 6 weeks: Sweden 15, Israel 71

What does your "science" say?

Anonymous said...

Given what has happened in Afghanistan and the execution and beheading of afghan civilians in the streets today, don’t you think general Milley should have spent a little more time on actual military matters and a little less on critical race theory?

Anonymous said...

"Ever locked down: Sweden no, Israel yes
Vaccination rate: Sweden 42%, Israel 62%
Population: Sweden 10.2 mil, Israel 9.1 mil
Ever did mask mandate: Sweden no, Israel yes
Deaths with Covid last 6 weeks: Sweden 15, Israel 71

What does your "science" say?"

How about we look at some other relevant facts here:

Land area (square kilometers):
Sweden: 450,000
Israel: 21,000

Population density (people per square kilometer):
Sweden: ~25
Israel: ~400

And remember kids, using the exception as your argument is not how to go about making your point. In any area of investigation, an "exception" will always be found that will support the counter-argument. That's not how it works. Look at all the data. Comparing Sweden to Israel outcomes without looking at land area and population density as variables is foolish.

But let's not stop there. How about we go to a website where we can directly compare the two countries with respect to confirmed and active cases as well as deaths?
I'm not entirely sure the data the original commenter has was factually correct. If you scroll down the page (link above), you will see that Sweden's deaths per 100,000 is at least double for nearly every time point beginning in March 2020. What is remarkable and scientists are still trying to figure out is that Sweden, even though their numbers aren't great, didn't do as bad as we thought they would given their somewhat "lax" stance on social distancing, etc.

For "fun", check out Israel vs. the USA and see what you think. The numbers you are looking at are normalized to 100,000 people to make the comparisons "fair".

Anonymous said...

It's, as you out it foolish and faulty logic to assume that the populations of both countries are evenly spread across x square miles. Populations tend to concentrate in urban centers. Take Chicago which has as many residents as the rest of the entire state.

Latest data from JHU as of Aug 15, 2021 7 day averages
Israel = 5,362
Sweden = 801

I don't know the reliability of Georank from JHU from joe blow or the CDC. I do know that the CDC has lost credibility which in retrospect my have never been deserved in the first place.
Well, at least you recognize in your second to last paragraph that "THE SCIENCE" is not the holy grail as it's so often present by the MSM and many ill informed posters.

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