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Tuesday, August 17, 2021


One Of My Very Own







My daughter used to be afraid of the monster in her closet but like I told her, it’s the ones under your bed that you really need to worry about.



Moving a Courthouse by Rail


Horse-Drawn Heated School Bus in Northern Maine

The kids have to get to school, even when it's winter in northern Maine. Here's a school bus that had benches and a wood stove inside.


In 2015, a floating bridge made from cardboard suddenly appeared above the houses in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, France.

The said bridge was held by giant helium balloons and was created with the help of local residents. 

In 2017, another cardboard structure appeared, this time in Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland. This time, the structure was not a bridge, but rather a leaning tower.


The city of Fukuoka wants to cheer up the kids in their local children’s hospital, and one of the ways they thought of was to repaint one of their port cranes to make it look like a giant giraffe.

The initiative, which was unveiled by the city’s mayor over a week ago, is planned to be completed by February 2022 and is expected to cost about 100 million yen (about $900,000). The city has six cranes, and if the first one becomes popular, the city will consider painting the other five.


A gay workshop instructor had a party that I didn't attend but I did make a bet with another guy concerning the number of pillows on his bed. So we got another teacher who planned to attend to count them for us. I had over 12 and there were 18.


Make up your damned mind.


I think it would have been much more effective if it had been closer to realistic dimensions.


There's a whole website of people matching paintings.


Leonardo already thought of that...


If you’re the type who loves to grow his beard, and can walk outside freely without worrying that someone might shave it, then consider yourself lucky, as people who lived in Peter the Great’s time did not have your kind of luxury.

At that time in Russia, men were not allowed to grow beards, and if the bearer really wants to keep his beard, then that person has to pay the beard tax and carry with him all the time a beard token. Of course, the next question would be: why? The beard tax was just one part of a larger project: Peter the Great’s aesthetic reinvention of Russian culture. The tsar ordered his subjects to replace their familiar long Russian overcoats with French or Hungarian jackets. Mannequins set outside the Moscow city gates illustrated the new fashions for all to see. Tailors who continued to sell Russian styles ran the risk of steep fines, and anyone walking the streets in an old-fashioned robe was liable to have it shorn short by the Tsar’s inspectors.

Upon Peter the Great’s return from his travels in Europe, he immediately began “Europeanizing” his homeland, starting by shearing the beards of his court nobles at his welcome-home party. Peter the Great’s beard tax would go on until his death in 1725, and the tax would only be lifted in 1772.


Because women have no balls to adjust.


Speaking of...



I'm pretty certain that my wife would win the gold in the Olympic event for rage loading the dishwasher.



These Are The Only People In History To Die Somewhere Other Than Earth

We will never forget Apollo 1, in which three astronauts died during space training, the shuttle Challenger which exploded during launch, and the space shuttle Columbia, which disintegrated during re-entry. But of all the fatalities involving space flight, only three people have actually died while in space. In July of 1971, the Soviet mission Soyuz 11 ended when the cosmonauts' capsule deployed its parachute and landed in Kazakhstan. As the Soviet retrieval team approached the Soyuz 7K-OKS ship on the ground, nothing appeared amiss. They knocked on the side of the capsule; a tradition used to greet the waiting cosmonauts. But there was no reply to the traditional knock. When they opened up the capsule, they discovered a tragedy. All three crew members were dead. The discovery of the bodies was a surprise as the ship had no external damage, and the reentry went smoothly. Yet, the entire crew appeared to have been killed by asphyxiation. The crew members were Georgy Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov, and Viktor Patsayev. These are the only three men to ever die in space.


My wife found a documentary about the Atlanta Child Murders.

And look what they included...


Don't insist on being stupid. Evolution is real, the Earth is spherical, man landed on the moon, vaccines save lives, and Donald Trump lost the election.


Around 541 million years ago, the diversity of life on our planet suddenly exploded.

This period is known as the Cambrian explosion, and it lasted for 13-25 million years. It is said that fossil records of major animal phyla first appeared in this time period. Recent research, however, suggests that there could have been animals older than those in the Cambrian explosion. This research has found what seems to be sponge fossils that are 890 million years old, about 350 million years older than the animals of the Cambrian period.


I would assume that if you took that little screw out you would have two pieces each called a scissor.


Pasadena, California.


*I think what he did is a felony.



I guess so they can't be eaten by birds? 



Zooming in on beach sand is a colorful adventure. Thanks to coral debris and shells, beach sand is given vibrant colors, unlike dull industrial sand, which is mainly composed of quartz.

But coral debris and shells are not the only things you can find in beach sand; you may also find microplastic embedded in it.



Dance like no ones is watching, clean like the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow.



This is a clever invention. The HandInYoFace places a hand-shaped obstruction in front of a player's eyes to simulate the obscured vision of a player trying to shoot and pass while blocked.


The Difference Two Inches Makes

At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, the women's all-around gymnastics event began with a disaster. The world's greatest gymnasts were falling and crashing at the vault. It was the 19th competitor who insisted that the vault height be checked, and it was two inches (5cm) lower than the regulation height! No one had adjusted it after the men's competition the night before. The upshot was that the athletes had the floor come at them much faster than in their years of training. When the error was discovered, competitors were offered a chance to re-do their vault, but it was too late for some. Several were injured, and many were so shaken that it affected their performances in other events.

Watch the bodies stack up like firewood.


Do you put something like that on your résumé?



God bless 'em.


When my #1 advisor told me she was trying for tenure I told her she better get to publishing. She sent me a list of 500 peer-reviewed articles she had written and were published.


I would like to meet that guy.


That is a military ploy that allows an elite team of assassins to sneak around behind the enemy gawkers and stab them in the throat.


Chinese dirt farmers dancing to rap music

The world is indeed getting smaller and smaller.


Frontier Airlines crew duct tape passenger to seat after assaulting attendants.

This is that drunk prick who now has a felony on his rap sheet...

Never trust a man who wears his cap on the outside of his ears.

*But wait...there's more...

*But wait...there's still more...

"Frontier Airlines initially suspended a flight crew for failing to follow “proper policies” by duct-taping a hostile passenger to his seat, but it appears to have now walked back the disciplinary measures after social media users and the flight attendants’ union judged the crew’s actions to be quite reasonable."



Dear India, One word - condoms.










I was once driving down the street and I saw a man tossing 1x12 shelving onto a large pile of the same. I stopped and he explained that he had bought a house from an English professor who had bookshelves throughout the house and he, the new owner, didn't need them. So I told him I would load the pile on the street in my truck and take them to my studio and that he didn't need to drag the rest to the street because I would come back and load the remaining shelves right off his porch. A deal was struck.

Here is just one wall in my garage (storeroom) but I have tons of shelving...for free.

I contemplated using some of that shelving for my next projects but then I remembered this:

That is a large paper rack I found in a studio I was given and as has been my lifelong quest to preserve artifacts it made its way into my collection. I still have it today.

Each shelf is 4' wide x 3' deep and it is solid wood. I don't even think they had plywood when it was first constructed. Over the many, many moves from one studio to another it did not fare well and now has to be screwed together to remain upright.

The question is: Do I dare use the beautifully aged shelf to make more heirlooms?



ponder said...

Puzzle Time


a = 16, b = 176, x = 11, y = 11, z = 9

11 x 11 = 121
12 x 11 = 132
9 = 20 - 11
16 - 9 = 7
11 x 16 = 176
? = 176

Anonymous said...

B8: Good one. Carlson was vaccinated months ago as were most Fox hosts. On July 19, Carlson said that there may be "profound benefits" to the COVID-19 vaccine. Those benefits include lowering the severity of symptoms and hospitalizations related to the virus, he added. They have been slow but they got there. Everybody gets a fact checker. PS: I’m not a big fan of Fox or any MSM. BTW: Do you know why all the homeless people, without masks, vaccines, distancing, and proper medical aren’t dead by now?
B9: Nah, some people just like to shoot things. So far shooting the ground may not be PC but it's still legal (well, in some places).
B10: Generated by the CDC. Need I say more.
C8: Looks like an older video. They look like they were pretty woke back then.
NOTE CARDS AND ONE LINERS: Well, in all fairness he only had 8 years.
Nothing on Afghanistan?
Biden is reported to have indicated that it is time for the big guns. He’s thinking about repurposing Chewbacca Man.
General Milley offered to help the new regime with their pronouns.
K. Harris said she would investigate and identify the “root cause”.
The Secretary of state was overheard asking Milley that if we send in 6,000 troops to evacuate 2,5000 how many will we have to send to get the 6,000 out?

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