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Monday, August 23, 2021

MONDAY #4625

One Of My Very Own

Sorry. Let's try that again...







Velma: Another mystery-solved gang. There’s no such thing as the supernatural, just old-fashioned trickery.

Scooby Doo, the talking dog: Rol’ rashioned rickery.



That guy more or less just told everyone that he was going to be their ruler forever and within reason, everyone just shrugged and said, "Okay."

Putin did the same thing.

And in my humble opinion, Trump tried to do the same thing.




Does anyone want to explain that to me?


I am a huge supporter of nuclear energy. People have all kinds of arguments against it. They say, "We don't store the spent fuel properly."

Then, store the spent fuel properly.

Or they say, "A catastrophic accident will kill millions."

Then build them out in the hinterland away from large cities.

And looking at the deaths caused by nuclear accidents you find it was a remarkable record of safety.

But what we know for sure is that we must finally stem our use of coal and gas-burning power plants.

And it's here, folks. Climate change is starting to rear its ugly head and it will only get worse.

But from what I've learned about Americans from our covid response we don't have a prayer of solving this most massive problem. Why? Because half of Americans simply don't believe in science.

^^A 4-5^^

If you didn't laugh out loud at this scene then we can't be friends.



I find myself saying that more and more every day.


Remember this...

The original black-and-white photo has been "colorized" with a criss-cross pattern of colored lines.  There are no solid-color areas; your vision interpolates the rest of the color.

*And the mind does that with more than visual phenomena. I think when people are confronted with the possibility of having to do something that they don't want to do, their minds simply invent reasons (or accept the invented reasons of others) that will give them a "rational" excuse for not doing it. I'm thinking of any of the mitigation strategies for covid, of course.


That came without explanation.


I would like to see the same illustration done with insect bodies.


That's spooky as hell.



Owls don’t look for a mate when it’s raining because it’s too wet to woo.



The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has fully vaccinated 90 percent of its eligible adult population within just seven days, after receiving vaccines via foreign donations.

The tiny country, wedged between India and China and home to nearly 800,000 people, began giving out second doses on July 20 in a mass drive that has been hailed by UNICEF as “arguably the fastest vaccination campaign to be executed during a pandemic”.

“And if there’s anything that I hope the world can learn, is that a country like Bhutan with very few doctors, very few nurses but a really committed king and leadership in the government mobilizing society – it’s not impossible to vaccinate the whole country.”



Circassian Dance. 

Circassians are one of the indigenous peoples of the North Caucasus. They are known for having exceptionally strong toes...I assume.

Canadian Fires

It's terrifying.

I will repeat - when climate change causes a drought across the American corn and wheat belt the world will starve.



Buildings with plants are a big plus.


*The other one is a kangaroo and I don't know anything about kangaroos.



Mandarin duck

I'm a duck guy. I think they are the most excellent animals.



Note: I thought this was in another country but later I learned it's actually in Indiana.


Did you see anything slightly odd?



Who has two thumbs and refused to read the instruction manual for his electric carving knife? Not my Uncle Ed, that’s for sure.




A man got a tattoo of his little brother's face on his arm.

This is the moment he shows it to him.


I didn't get that but I assume it has something to do with this...



I have never cried at an orgy. NEVER!


This is what they said:

"These are all fossilized and the river has eroded down to the layer where the teeth are. I’ve got megalodons, great whites, makos, and angustidens here. Pretty much all of the east coast states used to be underwater when all the polar ice was melted. We had a lot of whales and because of that a lot of large predators. For as many teeth as I find there had to have been a lot of sharks here for a very long time. This was just two scuba tanks worth of diving. I actually found a lot more than this but most were in pretty bad shape."

*I don't think they are fossilized. I think they are just teeth. My friend found one as large as his hand in a river in SC in only four feet of water.


I'm not saying my crew ever did this for me, what I'm saying is that they would have done this for me had I asked.


Remember this?

Here are some hints:

Here's the funniest scene...


I thought Christmas Vacation was infinitely funnier than the first one.

And I credit that to brilliant writing.


Well, let's ask this guy what he thinks.














I was part of an effort to save a beautiful historic building in my hometown. 

After our efforts were successful the historical group wanted a mural. I picked a huge wall.

I painted the building in question as if reflected in a glass building - a building that really existed. 

The finished mural included the construction site and part of the mural I told you about yesterday (lower right).

Notice how we treated the front of the building (left) differently.

This is the front. It was a quick mural funded separately.

Storytime: If you look carefully you will notice that the sidewalk slopes away from the building. When we set up the 60' tall scaffold we had to use adjustable feet so the outside wheels were 5 or 6" longer than the inside wheels. Well, one day we got rained out by a pretty severe thunderstorm and went home to wait it out. Then I got a phone call from a shop owner across the street from the mural who said I should get back there quickly. I called my crew and we raced downtown. When I turned onto that street the first thing I noticed is that my scaffold was missing. When I stopped my van the same shop owner came over and said that it was leaning against the light pole on Main Street.

At the time, Columbia had huge light poles spaced all the way down Main Street.

I asked the guy how the scaffold traveled the 50' to Main Street, take a 90-degree turn, then travel another 50' up Main Street to the light pole. He said that the first he noticed was that the scaffold started spinning, then it just "walked" up the street like it was being towed. I told him that the feet are not level and he laughed and said that he knew that by how it was wobbling as it spun.

So we tied the scaffold to the light pole while we leveled the wheels then we had to push it back into place. Dozens of strangers rushed up to help and within minutes the scaffold was in place and secured. I climbed up to check for loose walk boards and ladders and there on the very top was the milk carton I had left from breakfast...it had not blown off!

I'm thinking the scaffold was caught right in the middle of some type of vortex but I don't really know much about such things.



Robin said...

I think C3 is actually a pictorial rendition of "Take me Home Cunt Tree Roads"

ponder said...

Puzzle Time


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I had another peak moment from reading your blog today. You're awesome.

D'Ascoyne said...


Made me cry.

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