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Sunday, August 22, 2021

SUNDAY #4624

 One Of My Very Own

*I think that has to do with tread marks on his back.











The cameraman knew exactly what he/she was doing.





I am somewhat of a gag sticker guy myself.


"Don't sniff glue to get high."

"You can sniff glue to get high!?"





What if there is no placebo effect and sugar is just really healthy in pill form?



This is more aligned with my philosophy...


*Imagine needing a Fed study to back up the "idea" that most people can't afford to live in this country.




Define 'consistently'.





I am aware that Biden is a deeply flawed human being just like the rest of us. But if he violates my principles I will be one of the first to call him out on it. But it occurs to me that many of you simply ignore Trump's many faults. 

Let's play a game. Let's suppose under the EXACT same conditions Obama had called thousands of black supporters to Washington, then said EXACTLY what Trump said, then the Capitol was stormed by black people. Would you have reacted differently than when Trump did it? 

Be honest with yourself.

And this...


Who teaches cursive anymore?


Without the last 6 words that would be much more threatening.



I got excited when my wife texted me “I want some of this later” with a cucumber emoji.

Turns out she just really wanted to remind me to pick up some pickles.



Down here in the South someone would have surely shot him.


Somebody, I don't know just decided that some certain words should be forbidden, but I say I can decide to say whatever the fuck I want.


Funny guy.


Pray for the cameraman...


Canadair pilot performing a maneuver to take out a fire in Greece.

And here he is putting out another ocean fire...


My bride (center), 35 years ago.

And she is even more beautiful today.

That was the woman who owned three stores and paid half of the healthcare for all her employees. She also had profit sharing and gave her manager the opportunity to buy the store. She never had trouble finding help. Burger King ought to try it.



The neighbors that overlook my backyard must be religious. They’re always buying me pants with notes saying ‘For the love of God please wear these’.



PUTIN HOUSE in Sochi, Russia designed by Roman Vlasov

I read an article on the World's Wealthiest People and some people think Putin is the wealthiest person on the planet but without him having to declare any of his income there is no way to know for sure.


I bet Dodge wants that embarrassing picture off the internet.


Think how funny it would be to fuck with them.

"And to the right is the gigantic cavern where lives Godzilla."


I find it amazing that the roo lands on its feet.


Kids today will never know the hardships we endured growing up...

Even I find it interesting that I used to answer the phone without knowing who was calling. Amazing!


But when I wasn't answering the phone I was walking in a wilderness that looked very much like this...

We called ours Candle Rock and I have many fond memories of exploits on or around that wonderful structure.





Do not use that if you are tripping on any type of hallucinogen.








I was asked to design a mural promoting volunteerism on a temporary wall built around an entire city block of a construction site. Using hundreds of volunteers it was painted in one day.

And here is what all those people were tugging on...

While extremely busy supervising the volunteers, a small older lady with cameras hanging from both shoulders interrupted me and asked if she could take some pictures. I said of course then she asked me to sign a release. 

Months later I was lying in a hospital bed being prepped for surgery when this picture popped up on The Today Show.

It was part of an interview with Eve Arnold about her new book In America in which one of my murals made the cut.

I immediately sent my wife out to buy a copy of the book...I still have it on my bookshelf.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for always being supportive and letting me be me.
Your wife

D'Ascoyne said...


Translation: I know it hasn't even been a year, but I am already tired of hearing about Biden's legitimate scandals and criticisms. Can we please go back to trashing Trump with innuendo and fake news like I and the mainstream media have been doing for the past 4 years?

Ralph Henry said...

Dear D, Would you please answer my question about had Obama done the same. I would really like to hear a coherent response.

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