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Tuesday, August 24, 2021


 One Of My Very Own







If you’re serious about your mental health, find a very pale doctor in an unreasonably dark office at an understaffed isolated 200-year-old sanitarium that appears abandoned then go ahead and check-in until you’re cured/murdered.



That rain has just washed ever molecule of human spit, dog shit, vermin vomit, urine, and puss from open wounds, and countless other vile substances into that puddle in which she now frolics. 

I don't think so.


I've missed this embarrassment from the Olympics. I can only assume that the horse performed poorly.


The older I get the more I want such things.


Why? The amusement of neighbors and passersby?

FOUND LATER: I assume that at one time it was functional.


With gators afoot would anybody in their right mind have a doggy door?

I would even get in the habit of looking out every single door before I opened it.


Can you imagine how this could make any sense?


It's a reply to this sign.



My doctor turned me on to Melatonin and now I sleep like a wino on New Year's Day. I used to stay awake at night solving design problems in my mind's eye. Now I fall asleep rather quickly, then just fuck up the wood stock in the studio the next day until I get it right.


Hasn't that been done to death by now?


I took my phone into Verizon today and complained about it being too damn complicated. I said that I didn't want to have to scroll through four hundred apps to get to what I wanted to do. He said, "Oh, you can just make it so only what you want will show up when you turn it on." I said, "No, I can not make that so, but you can. I want to turn on my phone and only have the option for email, camera, text, phone, and Chrome." And he did and now I am a happy man.


Dog, cat, cow...they are all the same really.




So much for sleeping naked.


That reminds me of a man who never had over 50% approval ratings losing an election then claiming it was stolen.



Kids refusing to come down out of the McDonald's play place by acting like they can't hear me...

I was always amazed how fast children picked up on being in a place where their parents were not going to raise their voices.


Upside down it makes sense.





99% of the spoons in my house are crooked because waiting for her Ben & Jerry’s to melt was far beyond my wife's capability.



Impact Craters on Mars

(Kind of looks like tar bubbles on a hot Southern road.)


An interesting list tells us about the early versions of some of our modern conveniences when they weren't so modern or convenient, but that's all a matter of opinion. The oldest of these is a story of how the Cherokee used turtle shells for calendars. It turns out that a turtle shell has 13 segments on the inside and 28 segments on the outside. That corresponds well to 13 lunar cycles in a year and 28 days in each lunar cycle.


Ashville, NC draws very rich people from all over the world in the summer. You know they are coming with the transports start bringing in the Rolls, the Ferraris, etc. In Ashville, the CEO of Delta Airlines will sit at a bar next to Paul Newman and neither acknowledges the other's presence. 


Now THAT is public transportation done right.


Now think about the pilot who took that photo. He's flying along about to break the sound barrier and has the wherewithal to take out his phone and snap a photo of his wingman breaking the sound barrier. A special breed of man indeed.




That is a plywood box painted to look like a table to mask the packages left on the porch. It even has a plant glued to the lid.


Life will find a way.


I leave little bags of snacks on the floor all around my house for the next time I fall down.


The Mysterious Indian Street Snack That Has Baffled Botanists for Decades

Barkha Kumari encountered a street snack in India that intrigued her. The vendor was cutting paper-thin slices off of what looked like a log but was obviously softer. This was Ram Kand Mool. But what kind of a plant did it come from?

“It’s a root. It can grow five feet deep and 300kg,” he explained, in response to my shock. He sources it, he said, from the neighboring state of Kerala, from people who “get it from the forests.” He hasn’t seen anybody extract the root but has seen the tree it comes from. “It’s like a climber. It gives flowers. It grows near the sea. It’s called Bhoochakara Gadda in south India and Ram Kand Mool up north.”
Can a root be this massive? Especially the root of a climber or vine? Before I could ask Google, my snack was ready. It was seasoned with salt, chili powder, and lime; my husband’s had sugar and lime. It was crunchy, juicy, and refreshing, but had no taste of its own.


This Moth Looks Like It Has Two Cobras Watching Its Back




Southern mosquitoes just pull down your socks to bite you.



And they make me smile

I found those extremely clever.

^^C 1-21^^










"Put me in the game, coach."



I stared at my TV for hours and watched terrorists try to take over my country in real-time and I'm supposed to forgive and forget. I think not.


I have told you about the old textile mill that was turned into a shopping mall on which I painted the window as if they were still functional.

On the inside of that building, they had a large unusual space that was in essence useless. So I painted it to make sense only when seen through a window that looks out on the numerous walls.

The black outline was painted on the glass. The steps are for children.

Using an old photograph of a child laborer was my idea.


Anonymous said...

Puzzle time:
The first thing we have to do is to convert to similar units of measure.

Convert the yards and the miles both into feet.
Since the answer should be given in seconds,Convert the rate into feet per second.

1.5 miles equals 7,920 ft
110 yards equal 330 feet.

Add 7,920 ft to 330 ft. This is where the front of the train will be when the rear of the train exits the tunnel.

Now it's just simple math of D=rt
80mph= 117.333 feet per second

8250 feet= 117.333fps(t)
T= 70.31 seconds

Steve said...

When the train enters the tunnel, the end of the train has to travel 1.5625 miles (1.5 (tunnel) + 0.0625 (length of train)) until it exits.
1.5625 miles / 80 mph = 0.01953125 hrs. Multiply that times 3600 (sec/hr) to get 70.3125 seconds for the train to exit the tunnel.

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