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Monday, August 30, 2021

MONDAY #4632+

 One Of My Very Own







Don’t call me “Honey” and expect it to soften the fact that you SHRUNK MY KIDS!




I couldn't have said it better.


Seriously, do those people look like a superior race?






Remember when you first started reading Folio Olio? We were just crazy kids back then, not a care in the world.



*Wait until he is told about the microchips.


This Horseshoe Crab is not sick, this is just how they swim. Normally they just crawl, so it's not common to see them swimming.

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to their conservation status. The Atlantic Horseshoe crab is not endangered, they may be soon, but for now, they are listed as "near threatened". Although they have claws, they are not strong enough to hurt a person. The tail is not used for defense, it is used as a rudder and also to help the crab right itself if it ends up on its back. And their blood is highly valued by the medical community. 

Horseshoe crabs are “living fossils” meaning they have existed nearly unchanged for at least 445 million years, well before even dinosaurs existed.


Wait for it...

I'm thinking the crab thinks he just witnessed a miracle.


Bruce Willis with a wife-beater mustache. He will tell you that that little bundle of joy was his greatest accomplishment. And he would be correct.


Mark Zuckerberg with a face full of sunscreen and a thick ass...

I bet he wants that image removed from the internet.




It was stated that two-headed reptiles and amphibians often grow to adulthood.


The size of a fiber optic wire capable of supplying a home with high-speed internet.


That is not her first rodeo.





I bet you could move to the UK and start calling people a, “bleeding tea cozy mop ringer” and it would eventually catch on.



The ups and downs of human existence

Oh, hell yeah!


Yet another prank that has long outlived his wittiness.



Drug runners nabbed by citizens...



His last chemo treatment


The stronger the dog the greater the need for discipline.


I never tire of watching this...


I don't think that is safe. She stymied oxygen flow TO HIS BRAIN! And I would assume that not everyone can handle such abuse at the same level of tolerance.


Finding a Kilo of Coke at the Beach

She called the cops.



How about we start a "Get a Fucking Vaccine" challenge?



"So, you think you are smarter than all the rest of us?"

Oh, no, Gentle Reader. Every doctor on the planet, every government, and every military is smarter than me and I'm just following their lead.

The part of this whole shitshow that confuses me most is the ease at which many people reject the advice of their own doctors.


The unanswerable question.

I call it the ultimate insult.


Hell, I might just give up on those stupid motherfuckers except their ignorance has ramifications to the innocent.

I'm hearing this also...

That kind of logic is a sickness.

I think being anti-vax is like having a favorite football team. Once you are a Packer fan you are always a Packer fan. They could lose every game and you will still watch them be embarrassed on the field.

Well, I think now that these people have chosen to be against a proven vaccine they are hooked for life...what little life they have left.



Who would have thought that giant corporations would be the voice of reason?





I've been advocating masks and vaccines for a long time. One commenter wrote: 

I know you believe in "science"...

No. I just know that I haven't a clue of understanding all the dynamics at work in this pandemic so I listen to people who have studied them all their lives. And yes, these people happen to be scientists.







A PERSONAL NOTE: I like to amuse people. I work very hard just to bring a little joy to your day. But I can't just sit back and watch people say that vaccines implant microchips, or make your arm magnetic, or is just the government's attempt to control you, etc, without commenting. 

Remember, one day my grandson will ask me what I did during the Pandemic of 2020 and I want him to be proud of my response and I can tell you one thing for goddamn sure - When my grandson asks me what I did when people were acting like complete ignorant assholes I WILL NOT tell him I did nothing because I was afraid of losing viewers to my blog. Babies are dying now, folks. Why aren't all of Y'all raising holy hell?



Write that shit down.




                   *Viewer contribution







The home office of an international corporation wanted a mural showing what their building looked like when the company was founded. I sold them a mosaic.

Not one of my favorite pieces.


Robin said...

Don't be silly Ralph, it would never catch on you bleeding tea cosy mop ringer.

(I live in the UK, thought I'd better mention so the comment makes sense)

Robin said...

I shared A3 with my son, this was his response: "nah gnomes aren't quite that sad"

Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: Candle


Anonymous said...

Current Events: "Every" doctor?

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