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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

TUESDAY #4633+

 One Of My Very Own





Well, not all of us. I had a daughter over there for a couple of years and I was scared for her every single day.



Imagine falling in love and getting married in space only to return to earth to find out what they look like in gravity.



Voices that exude wisdom. What a wonderful gift.


So...if you are mean enough they let you fuck as many cows as you can all day. Wow.


I like thinking outside the box.

I once pitched an idea to let artists use unused classrooms in unused schoolhouses as studios (like I did years before) and in exchange, they would act as artists in residences in the school district. Normally this function had to go through the State Arts Commission and it cost the school district a lot of money. My idea would only cost the school district the price of utilities. It was derailed by a lone woman who feared a pedophile might infiltrate the artists just to gain access to the children.


I have many friends (including a next-door neighbor) who are black and I will state up front that I HATE RACISTS.



Mercury transiting the sun.

It's that black dot at the bottom that is about as large as the period at the end of this sentence.

Why isn't "sun" capitalized? Or better yet why doesn't it have a real name instead of just the generic "sun" of which there are many?


Enchanted River, Philippines

I say they are not trying hard enough.


"People are miserable and feel the need to blame anyone but themselves." 

That's what I used to think. Now I have read an excellent evaluation of right-wing thought and it explained that people want to make sense of the chaos of the modern world.

I believe that chaos is chaos and by definition, there is no simple formula to explain it. But the counterargument is that humans invented religions and gods to explain the unexplainable and now they invent countless conspiracy theories that satisfy the same needs.



*Who made up that rule?


Here's why...
^^A 11-12^^

Think about weaponizing that technology. You don't have to blow up tanks or bombers...just disorient the human that controls them.



So they think placards of condemnation will offset a species imperative. Good fucking luck.


Hell, I just peed myself reading the word "shower".



Watching “Alien” for the first time, and I see they forgot the classic space rule that if someone has a thing attached to their face, you jettison them into space and never look back.



I've painted a lot of old trains. One of the strangest was a town that wanted a mural of a train and when I asked if they had photos of it they said that it was on display in the town square. I did not ask why they need a mural of something that was sitting in open view.


The original winner of the Unfortunate Name Contest...


I'm thinking the boat is a rental.


The Art of Benjamin Sack





I wonder how many of you have been around long enough to remember Painted Ladies. A good time that.


Did you notice how he incorporated the small lower windows into the design then completely ignored the large window in the upper right?


I bought my girls Big Wheels. Best money I ever spent. They are indestructible and impossible to turn over.


I love the absurd...




I want to be financially secure enough to pass up a dime lying in a parking lot. Like “I’ll leave that for someone who needs it.”





Do want for Halloween.

Not really. I don't go outside anymore.




This is all I can think about...


Do you think they positioned its little finger then covered it up and ran the film backwards? I do.


The reflection in the mirror on this hotel check-in desk.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


What was the point of the exercise? Anyone?





*If I started a rumor that the vaccine would turn you into a monkey within three weeks it would be spewed as fact by half the people in America.



There are two types of Americans.

Group A:

1. The people who refuse to evacuate with a Class 4 hurricane approaching then insist on being rescued by the very people who told them to evacuate.

2. The people who refuse to take a life-saving vaccine then insist on being made well by the very people who told them to get a vaccine.

Group B:

The rest of us.


That was back when people believed this...

Not so much anymore.


Pure fucking snake oil that somehow millions of people believe in. It's like people are trying to out-crazy each other.


I watch Fox News about 25% of the time and have never heard a word about what SHOULD be done to mitigate a pandemic that is claiming the lives of millions.






Traditional Hats









A large hospital wanted a mural at the end of the main hallway on their 8th floor that housed psychiatric patients. We suggested a peaceful sailing scene.

I was called into a meeting of a dozen senior doctors and listened to an hour of heated arguments over how many boats, how many people should be on each boat, should the boats be going left or right, should the sky be clear or cloudy, what color the sails should be, how far from the shore should they be, etc, etc, etc.

You see, each of these doctors had a specialty. Without trying to get any of this correct it went something like this: The schizophrenics needed two boats but the manic depressives needed one boat. Other conditions dictated other concerns. Finally, I suggested that I should be sent a list of requirements and I would adjust my quote accordingly. As soon as they found out that their demands would affect the costs they all shut up and told me to do whatever I thought would be appropriate.


D'Ascoyne said...


Ralph isn't racist. He has black friends!

Good for you. Nobody is going to praise me for having white friends.

Ralph Henry said...

Yes, that is correct.

D'Ascoyne said...

I get more attention about my race from people trying to virtue signal by implying they are OK with me DESPITE my race.

I'm not saying you're at all disingenuous. I'm just letting you know how it sounds to someone on the other side of this racial divide. I think I speak for many of my friends and family when I say we really don't need white saviors. You can do a lot more for us just by being cool.

D'Ascoyne said...

I know you mean well but, speaking as someone from the other side of this racial divide, virtue signaling statements like A4 are a bit embarrassing to read.

But I still enjoy (and repost to my friends) your (Reddit's) content.

Anonymous said...

Is it OK to be white? Asking for a friend.

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Anon, What does that even mean? That I hate racists so I hate white people. Don't be obtuse.
Dear D', I don't visit Reddit.

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