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Sunday, August 29, 2021

SUNDAY #4631

 One Of My Very Own



Please, Gentle Reader, think of the implications of such lunacy.







He knew he could but he never asked if he should.


Him: "You ought to see what else she can do."



Reminds me of my honeymoon...of course, it was my wife doing that to me.


That's why I give money to friends and family in need.


Never ever use power tools after alcohol consumption.


The owner of our local fish market gave my wife this plastic device that is worn inside her mask. It keeps the mask off of the nose and lips.

I told her she looked like Hannibal Lecter.



Not wasting my time reading anything an author puts in parenthesis. If it’s not good enough for the main text I don’t need it.



My wife pointed out an "a" in my blog that was supposed to be an "I". I told her that I could write half as much perfectly or people could understand that if spellcheck doesn't pick it up I probably won't either.



I'm afraid that after seeing that America's airlines are planning to take out all the seats and just crowd us in like cattle.


I have stayed busy almost every minute of staythefuckathome. I credit that with preserving what sanity I have remaining.


You have to take breaks from the news. I usually don't watch it all day and catch up in the evening when I allow myself a couple of beers.


The exact same animal.






This woman's reaction to the overthrow of the Taliban 20 years ago...


‘The disappearance of the woman’ 

by Boushra Almutakawel



There are two kinds of people in this world — those who leave at five-thirty for a six o’clock appointment and those who leave at six o’clock and those two people always marry each other.




Did you notice what is in the background?


Good dog.


Here's a bridge from the illustration in my Public Service Announcement.


I live in a place that doesn't have that - on purpose.


I like that very much.


"Fuck you, Whitey."







A guy at the Acme Corporation: Ah, some dog in Arizona wants to buy a rocket launcher. I’ll send him a really shitty one.


Sex: Our primary biological act.



Yeah, but most of us have bones and stuff.



What would it have looked like if he had done it perfectly?


He's going to get fucked tonight.


I'm betting that is not his car.


There's lazy and then there's this guy...



A visitor at a reptile center jumped into the enclosure to rescue a handler pulled into the pool by an alligator.

The staff member was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

*If I'm not mistaken the little boy was smiling.


Mom executes a perfect slide tackle.



“Don’t you know the first law of physics? Anything that’s fun costs at least eight dollars.”



Last night I heard that most people involved in the craziness have no doctor to ask for advice. I had never thought of that. Dozens of times I have asked why the anti-mask and anti-vaxxers didn't just ask their doctor. Now I learn they don't have that option.

People with no doctor believe this sort of thing:

Is there ANYTHING too ridiculous that these lunatics wouldn't believe?

People with no doctor have no one to tell them this is total bullshit:

People without doctors have never met a person who wears a mask all day every day.


That exact same problem exists in the behavior of climate change deniers. They have never actually discussed the problem with climate scientists. All of their information is filtered by people who get paid to convince people it isn't real - Big Oil.

Well, On more than one occasion I have sat around drinking beer with climate change scientists and I listened very carefully to every word they said. I asked questions and they answered every single one of them. Mind you these people did not make or lose money one way or the other. Their job was to analyze the evidence and they were very dedicated to getting it right. And get this - they LOVED finding mistakes in each other's research - it's like their life's calling.



When you love Warp Speed but then you morph into the exact opposite.  And you do this with a straight face.

(You really need to listen to their juxtaposition of views over time.) 

Speaking of hypocrisy...



Delta Airlines increasing the employee's insurance premium if they are not vaccinated.

*Seems fair to me.

*I would go farther. I would say the unvaccinated are served last...period.

*Those bastards!

*I think that would actually work!




I simply don't have time to answer all of the comments made on this blog - especially from anonymous. But if you are against masks and vaccines I want you to answer one question: What would you do to stem an airborne pathogen that has killed 600,000+ Americans?



Jesus did whaaaat?

Not so fast, Sparky...



It was predicted that EVERY democratic president would turn our country communist.

Many people actually believed that Obama would take away all our guns AND usher in Sharia Law.

This is what happens when scare words are taken seriously.

Can we finally put to rest that the destruction of private property is strictly the purview of black people?



I've asked you before - what percentage of the wealth being in the hands of a dozen or so people would you, personally, consider too large? 50%? 75%? How about 95%?

But the makers of war materials got filthy rich. It was almost like that was the whole point of the exercise.

I believe this is what we should all be rebelling against.

You know and I know that the major contributors to political campaigns get whatever they want from politicians. That could very well be the downfall of all we have built.




*Verification required




Not me. Just one of the reasons I hate religion is that it lets millions of people cop-out in every circumstance. Their cop-out is "I'll pray for you" instead of getting off their asses and actually trying to solve the problem or lessen the pain of others.


It's like when the camera comes on everyone forgets how to do what they wanted to be filmed doing.



How very...healthy.


This is NOT a normal problem.

That some people think like this astounds me.


As stated previously, I preserve artifacts, and when I deduced that paper currency would soon be a thing of the past (like it is in Sweden) I decided to save as many as I could afford as if they were just another artifact.

Here is but a sampling:

I call that one a Dollar Toter.


Two dollar bills wrapped tightly around a wooden dowel inside a piece of tubing...

But I wanted it to look like treats that a doctor would give to children so I changed containers.


This one gave my wife and me something to do during our staythefuckathome.


That one was designed to look like a common device on which to secure paperwork. 

Since I took that photo it is almost full...and I've started on my last dollar saver. More on that soon.


Since retiring it was my wish to make a dollar collector for a bunch of people I care about. But - not really surprising to me now - hardly anyone uses cash.


This is full of decorated dollar bills that used to adorn the walls of a now-defunct bar.


I've already given this one to my grandson but his name is on all of them once I am no more.


There used to be a tape dispenser like this on the counter of every store that wrapped anything. It was filled with dry brown paper tape that was moistened by a reservoir of water in the bottom. But luckily the old paper tape was just as wide as a dollar bill.


This is a 12 gauge ammo belt with rolled bills just large enough to fit in the belt.

The dress model and grandmother's dress was my wife's idea. Since that picture was taken we have added my wife's father's Marine helmet.


This is my first dollar art.

I imagined a rich kid on his birthday and his parents brings him - what else - a tray of cash.


My first attempt was to wad up dollars and shove them in little clear containers.

But the longer I looked at it the more I dislike its untidiness. Then I found out that six quarters fit inside each container perfectly so I changed it. And, of course, gave me the idea to collect not only dollar bills but quarters. 

I've even made dollar savers for other people. My friend, Dylan saves star bills of every denomination and I made him something appropriate in which to collect them.


Anonymous said...

D3: undocumented immigrants are already allowed to receive a vaccine. There is no rule, law or regulation that you even have to identify as an American, or identify in any way, to receive the vaccine.

Anonymous said...

A8: Just say you don't use power tools.
B12: Future of Afghanistan.

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