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Saturday, August 14, 2021


 One Of My Very Own







Did all of you have a favorite food that you loved until one day you threw it up and then you never ate it again?

(*Barbecue chicken - When a teenager, I ate one and a half chickens and got very ill.)





Did you notice the fear face?





Where I come - Alabama - from we call such places "family reunions".



"Seen." A friend of Cleetus would say, "Knows what he seen."





*My tattoo artist told me he would ink ANYTHING a person brings in explaining, "I'm not a proofreader."




*That took me a second or two.




I was watching a show called "10 Steps to Avoiding a Shark Attack" and was surprised that "Stay Out of the Water" wasn't Step 1.




But it is still better than just a high school diploma.





In the movie "Captain Ron" all three of the cars Kurt Russell drove had the same headlight out as his character did.

I noticed that!







Because of my near deafness, I have to use subtitles but I read fast so...


Within days of getting my first computer, I learned about trolls. Today millions of people are acting like they never knew that many people online lie for no apparent reason. They lie just because there is no punishment. It's like a game to them. The reward is having their lie spread back to themselves.


*Another example of the horrendous result of Americans' "We've always done it that way" philosophy.


I understand growing tall to peek through the canopy but what could be the benefit of that?





Oh, my.














I was asked to paint murals in all the bricked-in windows of a bank in a very small town. I worked with the historical committee and selected images of damn near everything important that had ever happened in that county.

(I apologize for the awful photos)

I told the funding source (the bank) that I would base my price on supplies, travel time and gas, food for myself and my crew, motels, etc. The bank gave me the keys to the bank - which was closed on the weekend - and we brought air mattresses and slept right in the lobby. That was the first and last time I ever slept in a bank. At night we played poker and drank beer around the conference table in the back room.

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Anonymous said...

B12: Go research "chains" and you will learn how we ended up with such odd numbers for units of measure. 5280 feet in a mile is a perfect example.

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