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Sunday, August 8, 2021

SUNDAY #4610

One Of My Very Own





Yes, I admit it - I get very angry about this issue. But it's like some people are driving around your neighborhood shooting out windows and no matter what you say they won't stop. And yeah, your sickass walking around breathing on my too young to be vaccinated grandson makes me furious.

And people who won't listen to facts sickens me.

And all indications tell me that things are going to get very, very bad.

But stupid people used to have smart leaders to keep them from doing too much harm. Not anymore.

While "DeathSentence" DeSantis is going insane Florida is dying.


(I made this my own damn self.)

Oh, but it's not just Florida...




*viewer contribution

Yeah, I didn't see hands either.

^^A 1-5^^





Got a lot in common with my post-staythefuckathome wife...







There are many things that we learned from remote work that surely we can bring back to the office such as flexible hours and cooking a full pot of spaghetti in the middle of a meeting.



A Two-fer!

Speaking of...



She seems not to understand the gravity of the situation...



Is that a real place and if so why?


The father of a friend of a friend died years ago. The old man had a woodworking shop filled with every tool you could want. He was looking around for someone to give it all to and I raised my hand. He stipulated that I could never sell any of it. If and when I didn't need it anymore I should find someone to give it to. I did and just found out that after all these years the guy I gave several machines to was still using the devices in his own shop.


At one time the wife and I had a blowup pool in our backyard. It was only 18" deep but lying on a float you couldn't tell the difference between it and a real pool.


"Because I can."


How did a man like that even learn about Cosplay?


I see nothing wrong with that.


That's why Arecibo is (was) in Puerto Rico - that was where the bowl-shaped valley was.


 I JUST learned that the female is spelled with two Es.


I did that all the time when I was writing books.


This is pure genius...





She looks like she's going to need an old priest and a young priest.



I limp around the house to get out of doing chores and then immediately do a Keyser Soze reveal walk when I'm alone.







Note Space Station.




Even after all these years, I'm still in awe.


As I understand it this was not planned. It was just a case of a man looking out the window and thinking it needed to be photographed.



I think the Prince in Cinderella was faking it just so he could check out a bunch of strange women's feet.



How could he not see that coming?


Meanwhile in Russia...


At my age, I ALWAYS look before sitting.



Flood Aftermath in Germany













I designed this for a huge swimming pool complex. I stole it from the Olympics graphics. I used two-part epoxy and it looks as good today as it did 30 years ago when I painted it.

As I was standing there photographing the finished mural a woman asked me why the horses were pushing the balls with their noses. Now I can't look at it without thinking about that.

I drew the ripples in the water by tracing a garbage can lid - the same one I used for the heads.


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Anonymous said...

Your pool mural:
I saw the same thing as the woman in your story. I immediately thought it was a pun on water polo.

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