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Thursday, August 19, 2021


 One Of My Very Own





The boys are back in town...




Their placards say "We want to study" "We want to do jobs" "We want to live". They are doing it, still, they know that they might be killed.






I’ve been forced to withdraw my child’s name from the county fair cutest baby competition for being, and I quote “very obliviously a dead squirrel in a sack”.




I had people tell me that people are worth what they are worth. If you want more money you need to up your skill sets. But we are learning that if the burger flipper or the waitress or the car hop doesn't show up for work then nobody makes any money...No. Body.


All people named Ralph...

BTW: I had someone tell me that I ought to write an autobiography. Well, Folio Olio IS my autobiography. Much - if not most - of what I've posted are intended for the eyes of my grandson. I hope he finds me a rather nice fellow.


I'm assuming that's a gamer thing.


Why is the English language so weird and inconsistent? Blame the printing press.



I would love for someone - anyone - to explain to me how a man like Donald Trump became the darling of the Christians.


"It's only nasty if it's done right."


Why wait for the movie? When half the country has rejected science then we are fucking doomed in reality.


Example #1:

"Profit from the panic"? What the fuck does that even mean?

Remember when America lost its freedom after 9/11 because they were forced to open up their buttholes before entering airports?

That's written like the Pornhub logo so white men pay attention.



I don't think we have the time or fortitude to do what has to be done. In a word - we're fucked.


Just a reminder that China currently has 3 million Uyghurs detained in concentration camps. 



Unruly children say a lot more about the parents than they do about the kids.



How very true.


Have you ever wondered why old TV screens were so close to the floor?

I saw a commercial in the 1950s that showed the natural head position of people reading a book. The TV manufacturer just made their TVs to align with the line of sight of that book-reading head position.



I once told my 3-year old that her shoes are on the wrong feet and she took them off and gave them to her sister to put on.




Out for a "walk"?


"In your fucking face..."


Yeah, I'm thinking exactly what you're thinking.


Who named that? Seriously. Did he get paid for that shit?


That exhibits several traits of a single organism.


Never forget.

One of the most famous people on the planet and no one knows his name.




"It is he about whom the prophecy foretold, and for whom we have waited lo these many centuries," my wife says to every delivery driver.




Men at "work".


During required workshops during my teaching career, I would tape crosswords to each page of a legal pad. Then I would sit in the front and solve it by holding it vertically so the rest of the attendees could see. Then when I had to ponder an answer I would look at the speaker...who thought I was taking notes!


"Just because."



As stated previously, I think engineers have a lot of artists in them.


An excellent example of reuse.


I never think of creativity that I don't think of the wonderful ways mankind has invented to prepare food.

And all that food creativity evolved with the food that was on hand in any given area.


I'm reminded of my weird friend, Rupert, who owned a wonderful wing restaurant. He was one of the first to get a TV projector and on certain days of the week would rent a movie and project it on the wall in his restaurant. That, of course, was illegal but that didn't matter to Rupert. On several occasions, he would run out of wings halfway through the movie, and then he would walk from table to table taking pizza orders that he ordered for delivery.


When I say 'haircut' this is what most people think about.

But The Baldrick's Foundation raises money for children's cancer research and a very smart adman took the word "bald" in their name and decided that people could raise money by pledging to shave their heads. My wife was one of the first people to jump on board and has helped raise thousands of dollars.

This year we were concerned about going to the event with a whole lot of people so she arranged to have her head shaved at a local barbershop. I was her official photographer.

And so it began...

And within minutes all her hair lay in her lap...

This wonderful lady didn't even charge us.

And here is the finished product...

I like when I get her home and she goes down on me and I pretend she's that Star Trek Voyager woman. 

But sometimes when I'm feeling frisky I secretly pretend she's Telly Savalas...but don't spread that around.












From the beginning of my career, I've had a thing about preserving artifacts. I define artifacts as anything that could come in handy in a future dystopia.

Here are the floats used in netting fish.

Here's a pie shelf filled with telegraph keys.

Massive pulleys could come in handy...

6" nails would be a godsend for building a hut in the forest while the cities smolder...

A single boxing glove just brings back memories of all the suffering.

I even buy other artists' boxes.

Most of my crated preserved artifacts were destroyed in a studio fire.

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A11: So you want green EVs? Afghanistan has the largest lithium deposits in the world and biden has just handed them over to China.

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