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Wednesday, August 18, 2021


 One Of My Very Own








During staythefuckathome, I began to bake my own bread and now I finally understand why people always look so miserable in historic photos.




And as I understand it, they do that by instinct.



And that is how the system was designed to work. Forgiving all wrongdoing by your party members just makes you a puppet.


“Paint me like one of your french girls.”



Probably not his first day...


That little pride prance when he conquers the mud puddle.


I used to take my daughters to the end of the runway at the airport and lay on the hood of the truck and watch such things.


Saucesterity Gyeongjin Tower, South Korea

At first, I thought the building was designed that way so that you could see the pagoda.

But no...


Speaking of...



But...but they RISKED THEIR BEERS!



The article stated something I don't quite understand: "It is difficult to work with prime numbers bigger than 5 in the base 60 Babylonian number system."

*Any of you educated motherfuckers know what that means?


American Crocodile

I didn't know that American crocodiles had holes in their upper jaw solely for their long bottom teeth.


I didn't even know there were American Crocodiles.

"In 2008, a 6-foot American crocodile made a rare appearance outside Florida -- at South Carolina's Isle of Palms, a common spot for vacationing. ... After being caught, the croc -- an endangered species, exempt from dispatch -- was sent back to Florida to live in the wild or an alligator park."

*"Exempt from dispatch"...what a wonderful phrase!


Redwood trees in the UK

Sequoioideae, giant redwoods, is native to the western U.S. But many have been planted in the U.K. over the years, and some are thriving! Redwood World maintains a database of the few but increasingly enormous trees to be found looming all over Britain. 



My wife just shouted “I’M NOT A MIND READER” during an argument that began with her saying “I know what you’re thinking”.




Mind the trigger finger!


That should have been an indication of how we would screw up our pandemic response.


*It was stated that many Germans fled Hitler's Germany and went to Argentina before the war broke out.


Just another way to make your state artificially competitive in the covid death count game.



I'm a landlord. I told my tenant that if his business yield got too low during the pandemic, I would forgive his rent for as long as needed. I did that because I believe human beings are more important than revenue.


Probably - one way or another - his last day on the job.


I understand taking risks to feed your family but not for mere entertainment.


You really ought to read that.


Looks expensive too.

*What kind of door is that? And what are the advantages?


I understand a ship losing power or some such and being out of control but what about the other ship? Are you telling me the captain looks a mile up the canal and says 'Well, there comes an out-of-control ship that I guess I'm going to hit straight on and there's nothing I can do about it"?


I blame the guy in the green shorts for giving up on his assist. But why wouldn't they AT LEAST wear a life preserver?!



Once, I went to hug my wife and she said, “Be careful, I don’t want you to squish my purse ketchups.” I still think about that a lot.



I haven't a clue.


100% organic packaging material?

Sand Fleas.


Barnacles hanging down from the underside of a ship. The camera is upside down.

^^C 1-3^^

She looks exactly like what I imagined a woman with a tooth hanging from her ear would look like...it's in the eyes.


Threat display of the dead-leaf mantis


Amazing Inca Skull with a gold implant.

A trepanation was performed on this Inca skull and a gold plate was used as an implant that shows a clear bone reconstruction and osseointegration, that is, the patient survived. 500+ years old, Peru.

And from 2018...

5000 years later and she has better teeth than I do.

But after what we've been through for the last year and a half...

^^C 6-7^^

Your 'suck balls' may be my quaint.


Grown men and women playing dress-up.


There were some cyclists in the military with me and they all had leather jackets. I kind of understand the leather because of the slide down the asphalt risk but they all decked the jackets out with stars on the shoulder flaps. 

They ordered the stars  (general stars) from the uniform shop on base. As soon as they took possession of the stars two FBI agents stepped forward and wanted to know why two airmen needed ten general stars.



I'm working on that.


Last night I kept myself awake for two hours laughing.











The governor of South Carolina was appointed Secretary of Education under President Carter. I was commissioned to paint a portrait for his office in Washington. I used my daughter as a model. I could not find a photo of the finished work.

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Alex said...

To B4:
The final period of German immigration to Argentina occurred between 1946 and 1950 when President Juan Perón ordered the creation of a ratline (via Franco's Spain) for prominent Nazis, collaborators and other fascists from Europe.
Adolf Eichmann, the major organisers of the Holocaust, was capturred by the Mossad agents in Buenos Aires and abducted to Israel, where he was trialed and executed.
It's said that thousands of high ranking Nazis avoided prosecution.

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