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Wednesday, August 4, 2021


  One Of My Very Own





Example #1 of inept leadership:

Example #2 of inept leadership:

And this is the result of such nonsense...

This young lady is very intelligent. She is vaccinated.




I told my yardman that my vaccine knocked me out - meaning it made me tired for a day. He said, "Ah, yes, your Pfizers was set to stun."

Funny guy.



Giant's Brandon Belt had a 21 pitch at-bat in 2018, lasting 13 minutes with 16 foul balls. He then flied out.


Does this man look comical to anyone else but me wearing that sillyass hat?


My friend saw this...

And did this just for me...

We need more people like him.


Dogs don't have retractable claws so when that dog's paw got near my daughter's face I would have panicked.



It stole my classic move!


New guy or idiot?



The "b" and "d" being backward are just there as an example.




Take a look at fake rain in Dubai created by cloud-seeding technology

The UAE's national weather service released video footage of the heavy downpours. Its cloud seeding operations are part of an ongoing mission to generate precipitation in the Middle East country, which has an average rainfall of just four inches. The enhanced rain is created using drone technology that unleashes electrical charges into clouds for them to clump together and form precipitation.


I'm assuming cables? Anybody?


Dodge The Rolligon off-roader built in 1953


I once told you about the pasta factory in which I painted a series of murals. They had multiple cutter heads like this that spun much faster than this.

Flour came in on train cars and the product poured straight out of the bottom onto a conveyor belt where water was added and kneaded then it went to an extruder similar to the one above. Then - within a matter of feet - it entered a drying oven then to an automatic packager. The packages went into boxes, the boxes on to a pallet, then it was wrapped and sent straight to the awaiting trucks. Total time from raw flour to loaded on the truck...45 minutes.


Adjustable Oil Filter Remover

I always thought a strap wrench works just fine.


It's electric, so where's the wire?


Now she's just showing off.


When I taught my 10-year-old students to do that I just had them poke a hole in the center of the paper with a pencil then stick a string through and tape it to the back.

I taught my 11-year-olds how to do 2 point perspective by taping a string to each side of a piece of paper. Here's one example that I obscured with shelving:

That's not even the best one. That's just one that the kid didn't pick up at the end of the year.



The cashier at the store asked me if I wanted to donate $2 to end world hunger. I said, "Hell, yeah! I had no idea we were so close."



Remember this near tragedy?

That illustrates how easy and fast it is for things to go south.


That looks like a dolphin. I thought orcas and dolphins got along. Am I wrong?


It's funny how its little legs are trying to run away like in cartoons.


That's not the first time I have seen that happen. I wonder how often it occurs.



Oh, hell no.


Death wish?


That child needs a bird to the face.



This clip was 5Mb and it refused to work.

So I had to break it down into two clips. I HATE having to do that.

Come to find out it is not all factual. From Snopes:

The real Gyro Drop carries 40 people approximately 70 meters (about 230 feet) into the air before dropping them at a reported speed of 100 kph (about 60 mph). However, it does not, as portrayed in the above-displayed video, release people on their own individual rope swings and spin them around.


And that, Gentle Reader, is why no dangerous plant should be allowed inside city limits.


Wait for it...

Did you notice he didn't spill any of his stuff? Bravo!


Something lurking underneath the surface

I think it is more like a school of things.


Russian Mosquito Tornado

Great name for a rock band.


We all need a guy with a hook on a pole from time to time.


Watch very carefully...

No word on casualties. But let that be a lesson to you to never get close to ANY WIDENING HOLE!!!


*Please read the legend I worked hard on it.

And stupid people are now dangerous to the rest of us and they don't even care.














I painted murals to make money. I painted real art because I have a calling. I was trained as an Expressionist and was never happier than when attacking a giant canvas. 

I once had a dual show with a potter and sold out. The curator said that mine was the only sellout they had ever had.

I present these in no particular order. Enjoy.


Burgervan said...

A3: You didn't notice the floor went wrong, instead!!! 😂

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Burgervan, I DID NOT!!! He's a funny guy.

Inchworm said...

C13 More likely it is a reflection of something inside the glass.

Anonymous said...

Get this for your grandson. It requires special augmented reality glasses, but is pretty freaking cool.

Augmented reality chemistry set https://imgur.com/gallery/y3iD3T0

Anonymous said...

FYI look forward to your retort

Presented without comment.

Ever locked down: Sweden no, Israel yes
Vaccination rate: Sweden 42%, Israel 62%
Population: Sweden 10.2 mil, Israel 9.1 mil
Ever did mask mandate: Sweden no, Israel yes
Deaths with Covid last 6 weeks: Sweden 15, Israel 71

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