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Tuesday, August 10, 2021


 One Of My Very Own





This young lady is vaccinated and she looks none the worse for it...




I don't enjoy being a naysayer about this, but the way the limbs line up makes me think that the image was photoshopped. I'm still not sure why that still continues to bother me but it does.

Now look at the wide-angle mirror. I would think the tree would be prominent but it is not.

Clever photoshopping is admirable but I think we should be informed when it is implemented. Am I being too sensitive about this?


Which one? Zeus? Thor?








Palazzo Farnese, JR


Drones have opened up a whole new art form.




Have you ever thought about what absolute mad decadence we live in when "vanilla" means "plain"?



Hiring that high-tech ride for a "nature" trek.


The use of metal clamps in T-Grooves has been discovered in Tiahuanaco, Ollantaytambo, Koricancha, and the site of Yuroc Rumi, Vilcabamba. These clamps were also used on the Parthenon, on buildings in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Cambodia.

As I recall, those inserts allow the wall to wobble during an earthquake but not topple.




The older I get the more I think I would like one of those.


I almost missed the humor in that one too.


No comment.

Flash Flood in Italy

And that's why you don't stand and watch such a thing.


I feel his pain.



Thank you, Photoshop Guy.



In the 1960s the sexiest thing a woman could do was sing Happy Birthday really slowly.



I'm the guy who thinks Sex Education should be just that - I wanted to learn positions, techniques, toy use, etc.




Imagine having this level of cognitive dissonance...


That's what happens when you send only skaters who pass drug tests.


I understand that businesses want a low price on the cars, computers, and rent they spend money on. 

But people are not just overhead. Your employees coach your son's Little League team, they belong to the volunteer fire department who will put out your house, they are the president of your daughter's school's PTA, and they give blood that could save your life. People should not be "priced" like equipment and supplies. These are human beings and have needs that employment should meet.



My wife trimmed some small limbs hanging down in the driveway then immediately lost the loppers. I helped her look and we both came up with nothing.

Then three days later we were coming back from lunch and I made a rather sharp turn and the loppers bounced across the intersection. I deduced that they had been sitting on the truck's bumper for three days and an equal number of trips to fetch lunch.


Remember this from a few days ago?

The last thing I added was the tie to cover the guy's dick. I just pulled it off the internet and now every site I visit has this ad waiting for me...the EXACT same tie!


That's me watching insurrectionists and wondering if our grand experiment will end in a cultist-led dictatorship. 


I haven't a clue.


*verification required



How broken do you have to be to eat mayonnaise straight out of the jar?



I'm going to quit smoking on my birthday. My grandfather and father died at 75 and I always thought I would too. Maybe a little healthier lifestyle can forestall my demise.


What the hell did she think would happen?


Great exercise. Notice nary a one of them is overweight.


Hell, I have an ironclad rule that I will NEVER use power tools after I have had even a single beer. So far so good.

I think the same rule should apply to fireworks.




That IS NOT my idea of fun.


That's another one of my signature moves!!


God, I hope she wins! No telling what he will do to her with a defeat.


17-year-old Lydia Jacoby, a High School student from a remote town in Alaska won Gold in the 100 M swim. Her High School classmates go crazy. 

That is called a peak experience meaning they will remember it for the rest of their lives. I have been told that children I direct in the painting of a mural also considered it a peak experience. Grown men and women tell me that I came to their school and they remembered every detail of the experience.













I've shown you this one before.

There were a plethora of details that I don't have time to show you.

I was hired by a nightclub in Florida named Yesterdays. It featured bands that only played old music and the waitstaff dressed for the part. These people were painted onto the wall.

This I put in the men's bathroom...

This is in the women's...

I duplicated them for my home...

I also did some signage.

This was an especially clever idea. The wall was very high so I had them install a board at what would be rail height and paint it black above. I placed figures as if they were on a balcony.

The owner of the nightclub said that every patron wanted to know how to get up to the balcony.

BTW: Go back to the figure on my screened porch and notice the Holy Moly curtain on the far right.


Inchworm said...

B4 No that is a stupid idea. When you need to use it, you lift the lid, no? Then you are leaning back agains the raised lid. Just like an unmodified toilet.

Anonymous said...

I ordered you several red neckties for your birthday.
Your wife

Anonymous said...

D1: Very glad to hear you plan to quit smoking. My wife and I managed to do that together shortly after we adopted our daughter. That was nearly 20 years ago. One of the best decisions we ever made. Good luck!

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