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Wednesday, August 11, 2021


 One Of My Very Own







Confuse your doctor by putting on rubber gloves at the same time he does.



"They were loving."

"They kissed the police officers."

"They could have been mistaken for tourists."

"They were invited in."


Trumper cultists may be stupid enough to fall for that kind of logic but I assure you the rest of us are not.

When "January 6 - The Movie" comes out I hope Biff from Back to the Future plays Trump.


I think we can all agree that looting an auto parts store is much, much different than storming the Capitol to stop the Electoral College vote count.

But don't forget you can hate the insurrectionists AND the looters at the same time. It's not an either/or situation.


This argument has been going on for a long, long time...


History will surely not be kind to us.

This is what passes for logic on the far right:

Just to be reminded - I didn't leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left me.


31 years ago, the best damn Christmas movie ever was released.

For many years my family watched it every Christmas Day and found something new to laugh at every time.


I thought The Bite was a very funny series.


My wife stopped Dan Akroyd as he was coming out of the NBC Building and he chatted with her for about 15 minutes. She said he was a very nice person.



The other day my wife thanked me for marrying her and I thanked her for sucking my dick all those years ago.




Has he never seen Tremors?

I found one just like that. I looked it up and it's only worth about 50¢.


And by the time I got to the bowl the only nuts remaining took an hour to pry out of their shell.


Look carefully...

Did you notice that the lower one is taking a pee?


They don't call it fun and games for nothing.


Is that even legal?



The internet has so ruined me.



Speaking of...




How very embarrassing!

I made mistakes on my third attempt and TWO viewers noticed it!


MY WIFE! Our house is full of flamingo memorabilia.


Yeah, I already saw that in Mission Impossible.



Marriage Tip: When your wife is mowing the lawn that's not the best time to ask her when dinner will be ready.




I don't know what that means.








Not yet but thanks for the tip.




Famous People With Umbrellas

He had no idea how to close that umbrella. 

But then there's this guy...


Hell, after staythefuckathome my wife can do that with a long-handled 44-pound sledgehammer.




At every second the rear guy looked on the verge of falling.













Find 3 Differences



Nice try but countries with free healthcare have vaccine deniers also.

This is what a president does...

Trump suggested we drink bleach, told us the virus would just disappear, that masks were overrated, and hosted multiple gatherings with no mitigation measures.

You decide.

I'm ready for that to be mandated in America. We are simply too stupid to get ourselves past this scourge.

There are thousands and thousands of stories like that. How many stories of something awful happening because someone got vaccinated have you heard?

I keep hearing that people who refuse a free vaccine shouldn't be shamed. Bullshit? I want to label each and every one of them Typhoid Mary. It would be like asking me not to shame drunk drivers or arsonists. Fuck that! But if you are thinking I comparing anti-vaxxers to drunk drivers and arsonists then YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT!

Here's just one reason I think that way...

And now our young children are filling the ICUs.


I designed this cake for the merger of two large banks in South Carolina.

Note the guy on the bottom right for scale.

It was in fact basically a house covered in a layer of cake but that is allowed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

From start to finish it took 24 hours to erect and there are many stories associated with it.


Anonymous said...

A@: A4: For good reason. Always outraged about people not getting vaxed. But never anything on the thousands of the unvaccinated illegally crossing the border every day. Is that a double standard?

Ralph Henry said...

Dear A4 Anon, I'm the guy who thought Trump should have shut the whole fucking country down early on in covid...and I mean ALL BORDERS and ports and airports.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle: stick in center of photo, two snake tails, top of guy's hat.

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