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Wednesday, September 1, 2021


One Of My Very Own





My wife had a typo on Facebook and they put her in Facebook jail for 24 hours. She meant to say "I hope he does..." And it came out "I hope he dies..."




My wife and I can't even remember what you used to talk about before covid.



*Viewer Contribution



Have you ever thought about how men and women get off to lesbian porn but only gay males watch men homosexual sex? Why do you suppose that is?


He said that in Snakes on the Plane he was given lines like "Oh, my gosh, I hate snakes" because they wanted to keep the rating PG. But within days he just threw up his hands and said he couldn't do it anymore. So they let him do it his goddamn way.


Kind of like forcing people not to drive while drunk. Their irresponsibility endangers us all.

But I don't like the word "forced". I wouldn't allow them in any public venue including where they worked. If they want to sit at home then let them.





Questioning Radicalism

- photo by Pavel Hejny


And to think, someone wrote that line for that movie. He sat at a desk and typed it out. Amazing.


Who made the rule that school should be free only until the 12th grade then you have to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn more? Who thought that was a good way to have an advanced society?


I just laugh at some of my more insane commenters.


I took my camera into the deli to take photos that I shared with you a few weeks ago.

The two men that I had taught in elementary school laughed at me - one saying he had never seen an old camera like that.

Well, let me tell you why I use that camera. Let's suppose I want a picture of, say, my beer can to put in my blog. With the camera in your phone, you know all the steps it would take to get it from the first click to permanently embedded in a blog. Now I'm going to time how long it takes me to do it with my camera. It is now exactly 8:14. GO!





Well, here it is. 

The time: 8:16.

Try doing that with your phone.



Do they have restaurants in Japan where American guys cook in front of you with lawn chairs and a Weber Grill?



Player 23 has entered the game!


Every parent has done that. I bet Cavemen did something similar.


Interesting read.




I ran across some more last meals of condemned men.

Then there's this guy...

And the prize goes to...


A waterfall flows upwards from strong winds, Naneghat, India

That should be on many bucket lists.


I smile when people do that.


In Bruges - very good movie. It had a little bit of everything.


She photographs herself and others in various poses for art reference.

Her goal is to include in her galleries of stock poses a variety of body types, skin types, and people doing various things so there is a piece of stock for everyone. It is free to use for reference, with as many people as possible in case they need it!


My wife took my advice to do more outdoor activities...


I don't think I've ever seen a photograph where you can see each leaf shape like that.


With the rising price of gasoline and rent, this could be a viable alternative.


Okay, I get that it's an awful depiction but what body part is that?

You have to have shapes like that to hold the vertical rods together.

A friend of mine erected rebar for a while and he said it was the hardest work he had ever done. I believe him.



There should be a thing in doubles tennis where a player can betray their teammate and join the other team so it’s 3 vs 1 but if you lose, you’re eliminated as well and the 1 goes on alone.



I think he was trying to make sure he could make it up under the warning lights.


I'm reminded of a cop chasing a fleeing felon into my next-door neighbor's backyard. The kid had been running a long time and stood there leaning over with his hands on his knees panting. The cop who was about as large as the one above walked up, grabbed the kid by his belt, lifted him straight up to shoulder height. The kid's arms and legs shot straight out and that's when the cop slammed him down on the ground spread eagle.


I don't think the groom understands how photos "capture the moment".

*I almost missed that.


A friend of mine immigrated from Scotland and opened a bar not far from my home. He had the complete soccer package on TV so I spent some time there watching games, not on my TV. What I didn't know until recently is that the bar was his night job. His day job was washing windows in skyscrapers. Go figure.

His bar serves wonderful breakfasts on Sunday:


Can you imagine being so terrified that you give away your baby?

That's a risk assessment to the extreme.


I'm so jaded by the internet that I think she was being filmed just to do that for Youtube or some such.


If you are in doubt about whether he meant to do that ask yourself why he is being filmed.


This guy was not so lucky...


Sure, do your little trick with your little bicycle but wear a fucking helmet. Jeez.



Did you notice the mate waiting in the distance?


If I were to make a list of everything I would hate to do, this would be number fucking one on that list...

A little fucking wooden chair to sit on!!!!!



Just say neigh to Ivermectin.




Seen as an attractive alternative to a proven vaccine.


The Dead and Dying

I've actually had someone defend his no-vaccine stance by citing a few people who reacted poorly - ignoring the hospitals full of unvaccinated people.





This is the way my friends and I treat the unvaccinated...



This is the crux of his message...

Not unless we ALL do EVERYTHING we can. He wants us to do the absolute LEAST and his citizens are paying with their lives.













 A city wanted my help in enlarging a design that would be chosen from a contest of residents and would be painted under my supervision. I told them that I required that the design selected must be a collage of flat colors.

So once the design was chosen I rendered it into a line drawing and projected it on the wall. The funding source had arranged to have a bucket truck donated and it took all night to complete the drawing.

Then another company erected a scaffold to cover the entire wall. I demanded that the "floor" be completely covered with wallboards. 

Every five feet I hung a bucket from the most top level. Each of these buckets was numbered.

Coded cans of colors were organized so that when a volunteer finished with painting an area I would tell my ground man the exact color and number of the bucket in which it was needed.

Here's a lady on the right raising her bucket.

With a scaffold full of people we finished in 8 hours. This picture was taken toward the end when it was almost finished.

I stood on the roof of the white structure so I could see into the scaffolding. I had a bullhorn.

I still have no idea exactly what the design is depicting but the people involved recognized local events and structures.

And a good time was had by all and not one single injury.


D'Ascoyne said...


"With guns, you can
kill terrorists,
with education you
can kill terrorism."

Yes. The terrorist threatening me and my loved ones needs to be shot. I'm not going to throw a book at them.

Anonymous said...

At what level of education should the public’s responsibility to educate someone else stop….BS, masters, PhD, 2 PhDs, etc? How many PhDs should be paid for by the guy that works with his hands? Shouldn’t everyone have a right to go to Harvard or Yale? Haven’t you heard that reading, writing and math requirements are racist (crossword puzzles)? Haven’t you heard there is a shortage of skilled labor? Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill in July suspending Oregon's essential skills graduation requirements. Who’s idea was it to lower education standards to the lowest common denominator in the name of social justice? How will we compete with nations that aren’t living in la la land? There is one thing you can’t teach and that’s common sense which you clearly demonstrate.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that Biden had to redeploy the marines back in to Afghanistan after realizing they left behind millions of masks?

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Anon Education Maven, I'm assuming you are okay with using the money you earned with your hands to pay for K-12, so why not k-13? Or 14? But just to clear it up let's take it to its extreme and imagine a country where no one has education beyond 12th grade. Have you talked to a 12th grader lately? Would you want every person in America to have that level of thinking skills?
BTW I think one Ph.D. is enough.

Ralph Henry said...

Dear D', If education killed terrorism there wouldn't be any terrorists to shoot. I think you missed the whole point.

D'Ascoyne said...

I think YOU missed the point.

I don't discount the need to address root causes with education in the long run. But you also can't use that as an argument to disregard the necessity of personal defense completely.

That would be like saying we shouldn't need defibrillators - we only need to stop people from smoking, control their blood pressure and diabetes and get them to exercise and lose weight. That doesn't help you if you are the one having the heart attack.

BOTH acute care and preventative care are essential.

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