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Friday, September 3, 2021

FRIDAY #4636+

 One Of My Very Own









I found this old cartoon I had cut out of the newspaper decades prior.

I keep thinking of Adam doing that so she will have sex with him.


Of course, that is not all that funny but the way they jammed the balloon captions all the way in the mouths is rather risible. The creator is obviously a novice so why wouldn't he just look at how the pros do it?


What kind of social life must a person have that their dating standards have reached this stage?



The 3-hour tour has been canceled.

Trying out the latest holodeck program. 



I made this today and thought it was just too funny to wait on its normal rotation.

That's sort of a visual gag. What popped into your mind's eye?

I'm thinking head size after that one daughter my wife had.



I'd much rather be "too sensitive" than whatever the fuck has happened to half of humanity.



It could be argued that painting on walls is the oldest art form. As a muralist, I find that motivating.

That is not one of mine but I like the mystery.

Here are people that paved the way for me:

Cave walls on every inhabited continent have art.

Every civilization adorned its buildings with murals.

Modern government buildings of every kind have murals.

Of them, all this is my very favorite.

Then people started to move from house to house which necessitated making their wall decorations portable.

^^B 1-9^^


Marriage is sharing a house with the person most likely to murder you.



Why did the Anaconda cross the road?

To get to the small child on the other side?


It is called "driving too fast for road conditions" and a professional driver should know better.


Notice anything...odd?

The only way to capture that image is to be on an equally fast train on a parallel track. How often does that happen?


I once toyed with the idea of opening an American Restaurant in Germany. It would have served fried chicken, barbecue, apple pie, pot roast, etc, but also those. We call them "Fish Puppies" and we make them spherical.


Portuguese Man O' War

Washed ashore…can’t touch it because they hurt like hell.



You know you live in the South when your governor has to say no yard sales during a worldwide pandemic.




It looked like he made it properly with the rag tied around the neck and not stuck down inside the bottle. Other than that I have no idea what they are doing.


Dance like not even your yak is watching...

🎶Yakkity Yak...don't talk back🎶


Standing there in traffic after that is the second dumb thing he did.


Babe Ruth posing with fans 1925. He was a popular figure in the African American community because of his willingness to treat them as he would white fans.

I am convinced that the racists who leave comments on this blog do not have any black friends. Therefore they have never heard how their lives are much different from the lives of us white people. For example, I asked every employee of my bar how many times they had been stopped by police in the last year. I got answers from white people that included: Once and I got a speeding ticket, none, none, I had a taillight out and got a warning, none, none.

But the black employees had much different tales: Six and never got a ticket, twice and each time they wanted to search my car but no ticket, twice and once I had to back toward the patrol car.

Mind you these young people had done nothing wrong.


How very insightful.


Remember when people said that allowing women in the military would ruin it? Now we have women landing fighter jets on aircraft carriers.

But I don't understand why some of those women are wearing slacks and some skirts. Does anyone know what rules apply?


Speaking of strong women...







The consequences of one's actions



"I am putting together a science-based (not media-based) email with figures, etc. for you about covid and ivermectin.  Short story:  I think you are misleading your Folio Olio public by jumping on the "horse paste (snicker)" bandwagon.   Yes, people should not be self-medicating with animal formulations of ivermectin -- it is dangerous.  But, ivermectin has been used to treat numerous parasitic diseases in billions of humans over the past 40 years, including head lice, is on the WHO list of essential medicines, is extremely well tolerated with few side effects, and -- here's the kicker -- has been shown to both prevent covid infection and greatly reduce the severity of infections.  As I said, there is plenty of documented evidence for these claims, which I will send soon, and the CDC is currently running randomized controlled trials, but until then, ask yourself: why did India's outbreak (or Peru's, etc) suddenly fall off a cliff?  Answer:  ivermectin was adopted by the government as part of the official treatment protocol, including preventive dosing.  Just like Japan just did, to control their outbreak following the Olympics. Of course, the real question is why isn't the US pushing it?  Answer: they are not only NOT pushing it, they are SQUASHING it.  Doctors who post their Youtube videos discussing published, peer reviewed journal articles describing the benefits of ivermectin have their posts removed and are banned from posting more because "they are spreading disinformation".  Why I wonder?  Perhaps it's because a single dose of ivermectin costs 5 cents."

*I am now reassessing my position. More to follow.

PS: On proofreading I picked up that in the statement above I had "not" instead of "now" which would, of course, beeen exactly the opposite of what I want to say. 







When you think about it the Islamic belief of having 72 virgins waiting for you in heaven is no more or less ridiculous than Christians having a mansion and streets of gold awaiting them.






My "Cash On A Stick" is full so it is time for another dollar collector.

In my storage area, I found an old wine crate.

And thanks to my old friend the drill press...

I made dowel separators for a four-compartment collector.

I bought those 1/4" dowels but planned to use reclaimed 3/8" dowels I found on the side of the road in the form of a broken clothes dryer to make the door.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the wine crate didn't have one single 90-degree corner and knew I wasn't capable of making a door to fit. So, I decided to make a box that would accommodate the dowel separators I had already made. 

Years ago I preserved a very heavy solid brass handle from the bathroom door of a defunct school erected in 1910. I had been moving it from house to house for 45 years and finally found a project on which to show it off. 

Once that decision was made I knew all the other hardware had to be brass also. 

Here is the finished piece.

I chummed it up with $200 from the bank.

I put it in the kitchen so I could look at it every day for the rest of my life.

If my calculations are correct, that will be my last dollar collector piece.


D'Ascoyne said...

This is in response to yesterday's rant about you feeling attacked in the comments.

Ralph, I'm the fella who commented on your statement about having black friends. I wasn't "calling you out" for being a closet racist. For the record, I don't think you are a racist.

I’ll be explicit here so there’s no chance of misunderstanding. We both recognize the social stereotype of the closet racist declaring they have black friends. In fact it is so infused into the social zeitgeist that people have been implicated for being racist just for asserting they have black friends. I think that sort of reactionary reductionism is completely disdainful and wrong - and that ought to be self-evident. In that vein it should have been obvious I was only taking the piss out of your choice of words.

So what am I to infer from your perception that you were being accused of being a racist? I would caution you from falling in line with reductionist beliefs. If I was a white man who used that phrase would you assume I was a racist?

In my response I took the initiative to criticize the tendency of people to seek social validation through "virtue signaling," which you were doing, just admit it.

Above all, my posts were neither anonymous, "shit-talking" nor name-calling. I explained my position quite clearly and I do appreciate you for not censoring my posts.

You, yourself, don't pull your punches with your opinions. I agree with you on some things and disagree on others. But I'm not clutching my pearls appalled when I think you are being overtly gauche.

I also wasn't kidding when I said that a lot of ethnic minorities, like me, don't habitually see ourselves as victims of any sort. Consequently, we get no reassurance from someone who wants to declare they have no problem with my race. How would you feel if a stranger knocked on your door and said, “Hey, I just want you to know I'm not going to shit on your lawn."?

Here's news, unsolicited declarations of “anti-racism” don’t help ethnic minorities. All “virtue signaling” only serves to fortify one’s sense of moral superiority. It does nothing whatsoever for whatever righteous cause it claims to support.

Still, I believe you are a good man. If I didn’t think you were a conscientious person I wouldn’t bother writing all this. I enjoy your content and you’ve given me a lot of laughs. I don’t see how my criticism somehow makes me an adversary. If I hated you I wouldn’t be following your blog.

I just wanted to give you feedback on how your statement comes across to a lot of people. I thought I was being informative.

Of course, if you prefer that nobody challenge your beliefs then just say so.

Anonymous said...

Is your #1 advisor a medical professional?

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