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Thursday, September 2, 2021


 One Of My Very Own








Welcome to blogging, someone will be disrespecting you shortly.






Monarchy: One of the worse examples of "Cause we've always done it that way" I have ever seen.





Let's imagine that you get a phone call at your home and when you answer it you say, "Hi, what can I do for you?"

And the voice on the other end is distorted so you can't even tell if it's a man or a woman and it says, "You are a stupid asshole."

You laugh a little and say, "Who is this?"

The voice on the other end says, "I'm not going to tell you and there is no way you can find out. And you are an ignorant creep who doesn't want to make America great again."

You say, "Ah, come on. Tell me who you are."

The voice says, "Ha! You will never find out. And you are a communist who only wants to destroy this country."

"Are you trying to be funny?" I ask.

"No, I am much smarter than you because I don't fall for the bullshit the scientists tell us to do. I did my research!"

Question: Would you hang up on the caller?

Well, that's how I feel when I'm verbally assaulted in an anonymous comment. So, I'm toying with the idea of banning all anonymous comments. I am pretty sure I'm just being trolled anyway by a teenage boy in the basement of his parent's house, but maybe if I stop posting the little prick's comments he will stop.

I think fair is fair. I put my name on my comments so I think you should also. Let me know your feelings on this matter.


I was always very good at spotting plot holes in the bible. As but a lad I would ask if there were bodies of the drowned littering the ground when the Ark landed. I asked how Noah retrieved and returned the kangaroos to Australia. And then I asked about Moses turning his rod into a snake. The bible states that in response the Pharoh's priests turned their rods into snakes also. I asked, "So, the Pharoh's priests also performed a miracle?" I was told no that the priests just did a magic trick and it was not a miracle. I pressed the attack. "And Moses did a magic trick."

"No, Moses performed a miracle."

You can probably guess my response.

I was told that I was not allowed - ALLOWED! - to ask such questions. And that answer made this child very angry.



I wish the vaccine made ME magnetic.



Bubble machine gun.


And it even elevates!

Can anyone tell me the advantages of this type of treadmill?


Do wild birds ever lay unfertilized eggs just for the hell of it like chickens? Serious question.


How the hell did it learn how to do that? Maybe raised with dogs?



Every potter has toyed with gargoyle-like figurines. I know I did. I've just never seen so many in one place.

This is a magnificent pot I bought from the best potter I've ever seen - my friend Zach.

It is adorned with such gargoyle-like figures.


Of late I have been thinking about the elaborate all-consuming efforts people endure not to die. And nowadays many people won't even wear a mask to guard themselves against an airborne pathogen and/or take a free life-saving vaccine. Puzzling that.

And then these same people will get sick and rush to the same health professionals and demand that they use their science to save their lives.


Good dog.


EVERY man needs one of those!


I think that an apron of the surrounding floor should move with the table so the player doesn't have to reorient himself with every shot.


Ron Howard on a potato


Cableway for cows in the Swiss alps

I can only assume they are being lifted up to high pasture land. Anybody?


When you're the man who gets to collapse a thousand-foot high radio tower:

I knew a guy who erected those. They have a climbing crane that inches up with them section by section.



This phenomenon could be explained like this: 

"These are beech trees(Fagus). The larger one has advanced beech bark disease. When this happens beach trees propagate from their root system due to the stress. This new tree (the smaller one on the left) became mature before the parent tree died. Once the branches from the new tree grew into contact with the main trunk of the parent tree, the rubbing action would create a wound on the trunk and branch where contact is made. Beech has thin bark and bc these trees are probably genetically identical their cambium layers could easily fuse at the wound site creating a kind of graft. Both trees (really just a single tree actually) now pass water and nutrients back and forth through these fused sites. Really neat and while uncommon not extremely rare for this species."





How soon after making up with your wife is it okay to take a nap?



Just shoot me now.




I have to confess that I am allergic to cats...but that's not the only reason I hate them.


Yes, I would try to preserve that.





This is rather dated but still kind of funny...


Oh so predictable...

*Clean up your fucking yard.



"Laying brick can't be that hard. I'll do it myself and save some money."


^^C 11-12^^

Yep, it is going to happen exactly the way you think it's going to happen...

Luckily he broke his fall with his face.

Did you notice the mats he had placed on the ground to mitigate the anticipated fall...the mats that he missed?





Most people simply stop at "Hypothesis" and act on whatever they feel is right.


She's not alone...



Famous last words...


Remember when parents would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING possible to protect their children? Now not so much.





*If there are problems seeing that try opening it in a new tab.












I painted a loading dock on the side of a furniture store in Beaufort, SC, and then years later they built a very unique store complex outside the city. Then they called me in to paint murals on every wall of the new store.

This is a door treatment as part of a wall depicting the marshes.

One of the brothers was named Babo.

Tomorrow I will explain what we did on the wall to the right.

BTW: I was told that many people walked up to ring that bell.


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI - as of today, anyone 21 years of age are older can legally open carry any type of gun that they wish to carry in Texas. No license. No background check. No training required. No kidding.

I'm all for the right to bear arms. But this new bill is just wide open. Zero parameters. Well, I guess there is one parameter. You have to be able to fog a mirror.

Burgervan said...

B2: It recreates the physics of running around curves and over and down slopes. It doesn't recreate the actual torque or effort needed but it's a good alternative.

B4: Dogs use a reverse cup action when drinking. Their tongues fold under to create a cup and bring the liquid in with every stroke. Cats just flick the fucking stuff all over the place. Cats are SHIT and they know it. Lol

B12: They're being lifted up to the abattoir, or "Hamburger Hill" as they refer to it.

C2: The New Zealand all blacks rugby team toured the Antarctic and were FUCKED to death. experts put it down to all them rugby balls looking like penguins is what set 'em off.

C4: Cats is an anagram of CUNTS in my book. They invited themselves into their own "Domesticity", and we put up with it. We put bread out for the birds and the Fucking CAT Cunts take advantage of that. They kill the birds for fun. I'm looking at buying a VERY tall bird feeder but it's gonna be a bastard to get the bird food on it. I could buy an air rifle to cull the Cats but refuse to kill anything. What's the point of being an advocate of peace and harmony and Yet performing acts to the contrary. My garden is very narrow (3.5 metres, or so) and every garden is bordered by a fence usually 6 feet so a very effective platform for a predatory cat. I think cat's should be muzzled. A very lightweight muzzle and a collar bell would eliminate epic loss of bird life.

ponder said...


It's true, there's even a film about it called Machan (2008).


Luap57 said...

On your request about comments without names, I can agree, for the most part. Personally, I respect different opinions and if I feel I should publish a comment my name (or handle) should accompany it. Hopefully, I can explain and justify a differing opinion.
Sadly, there can be exceptions, there are cases where some have been punished, via job loss, by making comments and in at least one case liking someone else's comments; even when done away from the job. Away from the workplace we should all be able exhibit our freedoms if we choose to do so.
If someone's comments or opinions are (truly) wrong that will work itself out. Silencing, threatening and punishing different opinions are acts of tyrants.

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Luap57, Thank you for your comment but let me clarify.
I'm not talking about differing opinions I'm talking about people calling me names and shit-talking.
Further, what are the chances that anyone with the power to fire you will read Folio Olio?
Lastly, what really bothers me most are the people who slam me for, say, advocating mask-wearing but never explain what they would do to help fight a pandemic. Or the people who think that because I hate racism that I hate white people. It's like me saying I love my Ford truck and have someone say I don't know what I'm talking about and that Ford trucks suck but they don't tell me why Ford's suck or why other trucks are superior.
I had one guy call me out for "having black friends so I can't be a racist." Well, I guess I can't hate pizza if I eat it twice a week, and I can't hate dogs if I have two of them living in my house. Not only do my wife and I have many black friends but we have black people in her and my family. I'm not sure what else I can do to prove it.
So in conclusion, please send me differing opinions. Explain how I'm wrong. Tell me a better way to fight this virus, or racism, or poverty - but namecalling is a thing of the past...at least in the comment section. I will still call unvaccinated, no mask behavior that endangers my grandson a loathsome excuse for the citizenry.

Anonymous said...

re: 9-1-21
So everyone gets one PhD. You'll have to do your own car tune-ups, sweep your own chimney and discard your own garbage (try the neighbors yard). I haven't done a tune up in 30 years (I have a BSME). High school kids are graduating with 6th grade reading levels and can’t make simple change from a purchase. So you propose everyone gets a bachelor's degree minimum in order for them to improve to the 8th grade reading level. You must know it's not the number of years in school but how one applies themselves. Schools must have standards and reasonable expectations. Have you ever heard that lowering expectations for minorities is in fact RACIST. This crap started years ago when everyone got a trophy (participation awards) and everyone was a hero. My mother belonged to an old folks gulf league and I think she received a trophy for the most lost balls.
Yeah, I’ve talked to high school grads; most not a 100 watts. They need to spend more time on basic skills (RRR) and STEM and less time on CRT and gender studies. Just as general willey-milley should have concentrated on actual military matters concerning Afghanistan and less time with his desperate and virtue signaling understanding of “white rage”. He missed his calling; he really should have been a social worker and the US should have had a real general.
PS: Your time and consideration are appreciated. Also, don't be obtuse.

Anonymous said...

You really don’t know what is happening in the schools. Teachers are separating white kids from the those of color and identifying the white group as “oppressors” and those of color group as “the oppressed”. They assign GUILT to one and VICTIM to the other. They shame the white group based on their color. These are children. Is this not blatant racism in and of itself? You, my friend, need to read more of the opposing view and then decide versus deciding and then only reading and watching whatever agrees with your preconceived conclusions. FYI: I’m vaccinated, wear masks, educated (BS & MBA that I paid for) and did not vote for Trump. Oh yeah, I’m white and therefore guilty but in actuality the minority (4%) based on world population.

Luap57 said...

Clarification is good. Calling you names for your opinions on your blog is poor taste.
Just to expand one of my points, employers likely do not read blogs; however, there are people who do and bring to the attention do the employer that someone said something and then the employer uses that to punish the person with a different opinion.
As for me, I’m siding with what my wife always says; you be you, and I’ll be me.


Anonymous said...

Before I rant, I must say that unlike the politicians, MSN (including Fox), and other talking heads I believe you are of good heart and have the best of intentions.

Now on to the lashing: “Lastly, what really bothers me most are the people who slam me for, say, advocating mask-wearing but never explain what they would do to help fight a pandemic.” MSM, CDC, NIH, white house and the FDA need to tell the truth and not treat us like children or call us stupid. Unless N95, KN95 or EN 149 FFP3, etc., (maybe <50% effective) these cloth masks are only ~10% effective. Educate the people with the TRUTH and not the party line. Even flip-flop fouci goes on camera wearing a cloth masks. Pelosi, Newsom, Schumer, Obama, and even Fauci, et al. have been caught on camera in close quarters all not wearing masks; not even cloth masks. They can’t even put on a good show. If they were genuine or afraid, would they not close the southern border to protect americans. Are you not an american who rightfully wants to protect yourself, your most tolerant spouse and your grandson? The congress has a combined <16% approval rate yet keep getting put back in office,,,,,,if you want to improve America and make it a decent place for your grandson ,why not advocate for term limits (read both parties)? How does one get elected to national office making ~150k and 30 years later have a net worth of 100 mil+? Answer= corruption.

“- but name calling is a thing of the past...at least in the comment section” I love the caveat “at least in the comment section”. I’m aware the word caveat is considered racist. Not only are you an educator, an artist, militant anti-theist (u got this one right) but I think you have the makings of a politician. And never again criticize our politicians; remember, we have the best politicians that money can buy.
I look forward to your retort but only if sincere. Cheers

Ralph Henry said...

Who is being obtuse? You took from what I wrote that I thought EVERYONE should get a Ph.D.?

Ralph Henry said...

Dear person who knows what is happening in schools. Bullshit. No school does that and you know it.

D'Ascoyne said...

Here's one case.


Ralph Henry said...

Dear D, I taught for 20 years and complained about that very thing every one of those years. I know nothing about schools in Georgia but here in South Carolina classroom assignment was based on standardized test scores. It is a fact that white kids test better and are assigned to higher-expectation classes.
But I have never heard of "identifying the white group as “oppressors” and those of color group as “the oppressed”. They assign GUILT to one and VICTIM to the other."
That sounds like what some people fear Critical Race Theory is all about but as far as I know no CRT is taught in any K-12 public school.

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