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Friday, September 24, 2021

FRIDAY #4657

 One Of My Very Own










*There ought to be an automatic age limit. I'm thinking six. After that it should be illegal to sing or have sung that stupid ass song.


Did you notice how the font treated the "ST" pairs? What's up with that?


That is my ironclad rule. The last time I broke it was when I was a pallbearer at a funeral and had to ride in the limo. After standing for an hour and a half in the sun I asked the funeral director when we could leave and he said, "Any time you want, but you might want to give your condolences to the mother." So I went over and said, "I'm so sorry for your loss" and she beamed a wide smile and said, "Oh, don't be sorry! He's with Jesus now!"


Man, we've been doing funerals all wrong!


It makes about as much sense to blame all Muslims for 9/11 as to blame all white people for 1/6.



I would imagine that those rumble strips have saved countless lives.



That unidentified liquid in the vegetable drawer.



But with all that debris hanging down on the other side what do you do with such a hole?


The way he looks at the camera to make sure you're paying attention.


That is cool as shit!


That is one very cute child!


So technically he could be awakened right now.


Those zany fanatics.


See any Hearts of Stone?


Here's a hint:


(I made that myself.)


Do you think they are making a movie? Notice the rope wrapped around headboard. Anybody?


My wife has been canning soup of late.


Loket Castle is a 12th-century Gothic-style castle about 12 kilometers from Karlovy Vary on a massive rock in the town of Loket, Karlovarský kraj, Czech Republic.

*I would spend all my time examining the joints in the woodwork and stones of the walls. I would want to know everything there was to know about their construction techniques.


Whoever suggested this did a marvelous job. It's breathtaking.


Black Girl With Pearl [Ode to Vermeer], 2018

The original...


It was a shampoo commericial.


Pillars of Creation

That is a stunningly beautiful video.


He would understand why I install key packets all over the country.


This is how it was described:

"She’ll be dripping with pleasure this summer with Crescendo, the bendable smart vibrator from MysteryVibe that hits all the right spots! Bend it to reach and precisely stimulate the G-spot and clit to give her explosive orgasms like never before. Take your sex life to the next level by live controlling her orgasms with the super-smart app. Crescendo is also 100% waterproof so you can get wet & wild in the shower or bath."

*I can remember many decades ago how turned on my wife and I would get just reading sex aids ads.



Every month is Pride Month if you allow yourself to be consumed by hubris.



I would ask this guy if his mustache has some magic quality.


My wife and I still do stunts like that. If I ever met those two I would tell them to never stop being silly.


Monica Bellucci (1990s)

If I met her I would ask her how many fat guys' dicks she had to suck.


I would want to know what was their best-case scenario.


I find the whole idea of golf stupid but at least it gets people off their asses.


We've all known children like this...

Here she was at the last wedding giving a warning shot across the bow...


I would ask these guys about "riding on air" as their foundation for shunning motor vehicles. Do any of you good people know anything about that?


If I'm not mistaken, the guy on the right is the famous artist. I would ask him why the person who paints him isn't the famous artist.


I would just want to shake this guy's hand.


I would ask him what else he learned in college.


I would ask him if he thought tossing the shoe back would make matters better.


This is that old fake film about wearing a mask...

And then there's the escalator guy...



After therapy, my insurance plan only covers my friends and family.



Here's my take: He drowns a victim that then sinks to the bottom. The gator takes a bite every now and then and while doing so scoops up some of the river bed. The arrowheads and shit were in the river bed.


The pygmy marmoset (Cebuella pygmaea) lives in the rainforests of the Western Amazon Basin.

 It measures about 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 centimeters) long and weighs about 4 ounces (99 grams), and is one of the smallest primates in the world.




So a few of them had birth defects that looked like eyes and they lived longer thus mating more. Soon they all have eyespots.


Imagine a caveman seeing this then stumbling across huge fossilized bones and thinking there is such a thing as dragons.


Rare Fossil of a Lepidolite Fish 

Jeez. My stupid ass thought Lepidolite was a kind of fish. It's a stone used by people who think they imbue magical powers.



There are two kinds of bee people: The Haters...

*Notice how the bees knew to go for the head.


And the bee lovers...


After struggling all the way down the canal, this...

Do you think that walk board is placed there for that very purpose?


"Hey, Y'all film me while I pick up this porcupine..."


Little Red Riding Hood costume

The way the dog looks at her.



Salad? I've got a better idea...

That just might work.




I'm not sure it escaped unscathed.




Pay attention...




I hope you haven't seen this before...


City Parks brought me in to paint a mural in an all-black section of Columbia. When I started painting these young men stopped their basketball game and asked if they could help.

We finished in 45 minutes.


Fardygardy said...

Should say, "It makes about as much sense to blame all Muslims for 9/11 as to blame all REPUBLICANS for 1/6."

Except it seems beyond your current state to say that. Sad.

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Fardygardy, No, I blame people for still being Republicans after 1/6.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle Time: The lessor (lesser) of two evils.

Anonymous said...

B2 - Oh, I was paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Love the MLK mural.

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