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Monday, September 27, 2021

MONDAY #4660

 One Of My Very Own








Dear Ghosts, If you can move shit around and flicker lights then you can use a mop.



9,000-Year-Old Beer Buried Alongside Two Skeletons In China

Unsurprisingly, people had a way to get drunk even during ancient times! Archaeologists found ancient pots with traces of beer along with two skeletons in China. The discovery is now evidence that regardless of the travels of the nomadic hunter-gatherers in southern China and their small amount of rice, they were able to create alcohol:


A trove of 239 Rare Gold Coins Discovered in Walls of French Mansion

"You don't have to be Indiana Jones to hunt treasure. If you're lucky enough, you don't even have to hunt for it! A crew of construction workers were renovating a mansion in France a couple of years ago and found a metal box embedded in a wall. It was full of gold coins- rather old ones, it seemed. That was on a Friday. The next Monday, the workers found another stash of coins, this time in a bag buried in a wall. François Mion and his wife, who purchased the mansion in 2012, were suddenly glad they decided to renovate and join the three buildings on the property."


Transparent Wood Exists Now

Will modern marvels never cease? Trees are now next in line for replacing the glass in our windows! How is that possible, if wood cannot be as transparent as glass? Well, thanks to research done by Junyong Zhu from the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) and colleagues from the University of Maryland and University of Colorado, a transparent wood material has been developed:


An actual Enigma Machine, made in 1935

The Turing Bombe rebuild. Between 3-5k Enigma messages were intercepted each day.

The decoders included puzzlers and crossword puzzle experts. 

But, yeah, then Turing was arrested for sticking his dick in the wrong hole.


Cities want to attract highly educated workers to fuel their economic growth and tax revenues. Higher levels of education tend to lead to higher salaries. Plus, the more that graduates earn, the more tax dollars they contribute over time. In turn, educated people want to live somewhere where they will get a good return on their educational investment. People also tend to marry others of the same educational level, which means that cities that already have a large educated population may be more attractive to people with degrees.

My city is 65th...

The bottom three...

I am an advocate of free college. I actually had a guy complain that if we had free college then who would fix our cars, roof our homes, or cut our lawns. He is assuming that if it were free then people with no hope of completing a four-year degree would magically get a degree. I will assure him that the guy who roofed my house could no more write a decent essay as I could roof a house.


Michelangelo Was Short, Apparently

Researchers managed to finally determine the famous artist’s height. Well, an approximation at least. While his artworks are huge and gigantic (in terms of both impact and actual height), his stature can only compare. I’m short too, so that’s totally fine! A new study published in the September 2021 issue of the Anthropologie examined footwear believed to have belonged to Michelangelo. From the pair of leather shoes and a single leather slipper, researchers from the Forensic Anthropology, Paleopathology, and Bioarchaeology Research Center in Italy determined that Michelangelo was five feet two inches tall.



Guy spent two hours taking a picture of sunspots, and when combined you can see the sun rotating.


It was stated that this is a frozen lake.

Can we assume the warming sun melted the top layer of ice?


This boat paddle doubles as a bilge pump...


Boiling water, aluminum foil, and baking soda cleaning tarnished silver.



A girl at Walgreen's complimented my wife's lip gloss. My wife didn’t have the heart to tell her it was grease from the rotisserie chicken she had just eaten in the parking lot.



Remember this from decades ago?

Nowadays nobody makes popcorn on a stove.



*Here's why this is in the humor section...



That's not really funny.



The face you make when passing someone you kind of know but not enough to stop and chat.

I read a very interesting study about the time we "owe" people after not seeing them for a while. For example, you say "Good morning" to the security guard in your building every morning. But if you have been on vacation for a week you "owe" that same security guard deserves five times the time you normally give him so you tell him something about your vacation or ask him a couple of questions - something you would normally never do.



Invisible magic trick - don't give up to quickly...

I found this hilarious.


He looks like a supervillain plotting to unleash KFC on an otherwise healthy population.


Why does Bezo's left eye always look like it knows something the right eye doesn't.




Speaking of, my wife decided to finally prepare a meal...


Somebody's going to have to tell me what "eat hot chip" means if I'm going to meet my daily quota.





Two people having sex and they both have harmonicas in their mouths.


*I haven't a clue. I just thought it a cool thing to say.



Ferrybridge Power Station Boiler, Bunker Bay, and Two Chimneys' demolition






Is this how candy corn is made?

Candy Corn is neither.


Effort Rewarded

I would have bet money on a different outcome.


Reminds me of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.


I almost had the opportunity to paint a mural in a pool. The problem was finding a paint that I could guarantee.


I'm assuming mining for gold.



If you're unfamiliar with chess, the Bongcloud is an internet joke opening.

Nakamura plays it in online blitz games just for the fun and has actually beaten grandmasters with it. It's a bad opening, but Carlsen and Nakamura had already qualified for the next stage of this tournament so this game didn't matter.





If your notion of what is right and what is wrong is based on which political party does it then you are what's wrong with this country.


And one of those endangered people is my grandson and that's why I am so passionate about this.


Nobody ever said having dark skin means you can't be stupid also.


How did so many people turn to absolute shit at risk assessment?




Yeah, right.









I once had a studio in an old garage in my backyard. I made a door and painted it like this.

One night the cops woke us up and wanted to know who the guy was in our backyard. I think they were looking for someone else.

BTW Many of my murals look a little washed out but I can assure you that is due to the camera setting and is no fault of the mural.

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