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Tuesday, September 28, 2021


 One Of My Very Own









Mysterious Stone Spheres Discovered in Ancient Tomb, But What Were They For?





Lebanese photographer Joseph Eid, a reporter for the AFP, wanted to document the many historical monuments destroyed by the ISIS group, or Daech. With this shocking series of before/after photographs, separated by only two years, Joseph Eid reveals the disastrous state of these monuments, considered as a heritage of humanity.

A crime against humanity.


America is big on turning its citizens into heroes.



Two hearts beat as one, even when they're miles apart.


It's a tough time to be a kid.


She later opened a free clothing store in the same school.



If anyone is worried about the government putting tracking chips in the vaccines, just remember that that government employee is on Word 2007.



My post...

My favorite Photoshopper's alteration...







Speaking of SpaceX...


Flipbook-style animations made from dozens of people's tattoos


I got even money that says that's his mother-in-law.




It looks like she's talking to a horse's ass...

But what is it?


Rapper's Delight

This took so much work that you owe it to the guy to view it.



I think the first place experts dropped the ball is when they named it "covid" instead of some medieval shit like "bloody lung" or "the red strangles".





Young love will not be deterred.


At first, I thought that was foam but it's actually just the area with clean grout. My tile man would not let me put white grout in the kitchen for that very reason.



When you want to blow up a plane but refuse to die...


The range of the M132 flamethrower.

We all hate war but it's a great motivator for solving problems.


That's a metaphor of what can be accomplished when you work together...think covid.



The reason Winnie the Pooh doesn’t wear pants is that he has no concept of original sin.




I'm kind of that way when I stand in front of one of my murals.



It kind of looks like Barcelona.

Does anybody know any different?


When the acid kicks in...



Meanwhile in Lebanon...

He's not wearing a mask either.




I'm sorry if I come across as bitter but I have long past lost my patience with stupidity.

I ought to buy this shirt...

Look at the vaccinated vs not vadcinated percentages.










See anything odd?

That I dubbed a Portaperson - that one is specifically a Portapoliceman. It's my first figure painted and cut out of a sign painter's panel.

I would place it under the scaffold to foil any thievery. And it worked! With it in place I never had anything stolen.

The technique was so effective that I started cutting all figures in every mural out of the panel and mounting it to the wall instead of painting it directly on the wall.


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Puzzle time: two fathers and two sons equal three people.

Anonymous said...

Puzzle Time: Grandfather, Father, and Son

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