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Saturday, September 18, 2021


 One Of My Very Own







And then she turned them into a newt.



This short clip is from the YouTube channel of "Kimgary," who posts videos from his daily drives in Philadelphia, especially around the Kensington neighborhood.  There is a lot more like this on his channel:

I must admit that I have never seen anything more depressing.








Darth Vader can give long-distance handjobs.




Laying the foundations of the Eiffel Tower, (1887)

As I recall, it was supposed to be temporary.



What is now the Las Vegas strip, 1955

And somebody...a person...just thought up a whole city.


Lighting strikes the ground on the trail of a rocket used by scientists to study lighting by trailing a wire.


Sweden's largest supermarket has a machine where you can refill bottles of cleaning products.



How inspiring.


We've all done something similar, haven't we?


The art of Matt Sloane



Deviation from the norm will be punished unless it is exploitable.



That looks like my struggle to get the contrarians to just tell me what they would do to combat the pandemic. They bitch about every mitigation measure but offer no plan of their own. And before any of you are tempted to say "Let it run its course so I don't have to be inconvenienced" I have to remind you of one number: 700,000 dead Americans.


I often go out for lunch. I eat mine in the truck and listen to my book on CD and then bring something for my wife. Once I dropped my wife's box of fried chicken and fries on the floorboard and the contents spilled out. I just put them back in the box, picked off all the leaves and debris I could find, and took it home to her as if nothing had happened.


Las Vegas police facing Mike Tyson after he'd just bitten Holyfield's ear off (1997)


I'm thinking the guy is high as a kite and his brain just wouldn't process that.


Like who couldn't have seen that coming?


In many places, they don't do high-speed chases unless it is of a known felon. Putting countless lives in danger just to give a frightened teenager a speeding ticket is deemed just not worth it.



Things you always ask the new guy do...

It didn't so much blow his hat off as it blew him out from under his hat.


I haven't a clue what that means or why it's necessary. Ukrainian?


This is well worth the read:

And here's why that is so very necessary...


This after every guy in the kitchen tried...



That which is asserted without proof can be dismissed without thought.



Next to the tardigrade, the duck is my favorite animal.



So, if cats can be taught tricks why don't more people do it?



*Verification Required


"Water is already below freezing & the device vibrates the bottle to create nucleation sites that quickly become ice crystals"...or so it was stated.


I was once given a 1975 Impala. My youngest daughter loved driving it around our then huge property.

Anyway, it's hard to tell but that door is MUCH bigger than a normal car door. It was made that way to accommodate the seats that swiveled toward the side.


And a good time was had by all.


I once watched a documentary about a bone by bone, organ by organ analysis of how the horse has evolved for one thing - running.



Jellyfish Jam

That came with no explanation.




What's your takeaway on that? Take as long as you need.

Let me help you out with a few facts.

*I'm sorry but I call it conservative people not wanting liberals to tell them what to do. That's not ignorance. That is a calculated strategy that doesn't give a shit about how many Americans die - as long as they win.

Someone put this in a public bathroom. That person is not ignorant. That person is evil.

Then there are the "God will protect me" nutcases.

The same nutcases who will clog our hospitals demanding that the doctors save them.

I totally agree.

Who in their right mind would actually believe some of the batshit crazy stories that are killing people?

There are some people who are actively trying to save lives.

And even though he waited until the final innings the Pope has entered the game on the side of sanity.

*Verification Required

You want proof? Study after study has debunked you conspiracy theory claptrap.

But with all the proof they were wrong millions of people think they are smarter than the doctors.

So let's define what IS NOT research.

I am a gambler. I have gambled all my life. And as such, I look at the odds and bet accordingly. The same methodology can be applied to the pandemic. If I saw dozens - maybe even hundreds - of stories like this...

I would bet my life by doing EXACTLY the opposite from what they did.




Can you imagine in a few years and her teenage children see their mother doing that...over and over again?




Otherwise, shut the fuck up.


Now she goes through a series of shots.





I was asked to paint something on the bench seats of a swimming pool complex.

It was pretty large...

I not only painted the front but the tops of the seats.

To make the illusion work I had to paint the top of the image much larger than the bottom since it was farther away.

I was fearful (unnecessarily) that people would have difficulty discerning the image so I picked an image every American had seen a million times.

(That's me sitting next to it.)

This is the exact view as you walked in the only gate.

The good thing about it was that small mistakes couldn't be seen.


Anonymous said...

A3: Just another city controlled by democrats.
A5: Many more going to Texas than leaving Texas.

Anonymous said...

The wife and I call this the Disney-fication of nature.

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