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Friday, October 8, 2021

FRIDAY #4671

 One Of My Very Own







I hate talking about the weather with Canadians because I have to convert the temperature to mooses per square Tim Hortons or whatever.



Hay bail looks like a hole in the ground.


He handwrote out the entire script to The Nightmare Before.... well... you get it.


Knee pads but no helmet.


That's probably bullshit but it's funny bullshit.



That's my signature move!


Brandalism (@ brandalism_uk) (because)


Bunch of busses that look like a cassette collection.



Not birds - flowers.


Yeah, let's just stand here and film it.


So, what did you do during isolation?


Yeah, it's a repost but who wouldn't want to look at that again?


Every day they delay the harder it will be for them to do that.


She is a naked neck frizzle.


Think of how much food it takes to maintain that bulk.




Thinking about when someone said their favorite conspiracy theory is that “JFK didn’t get shot. His head just did that”.




I didn't post that because it's funny. I posted it because of...reasons.





The Einstein one is brilliant!




That's fucking depressing.


I love hamburgers with just onions and mustard. Many times I order it this way: "I want as many onions as you can legally put on a hamburger." Almost all order takers find no humor in that.


We've all done that, right? Right?



Girl shows off the growth of her ducks.


But the meat she eats is white and duck meat is brown.


Hyundai called it Sonata because it’s sonata good car.



The bravery that must take.


Watch this man with no legs set a world record for running on his hands.

Trust me - this is amazing.



A team working in New Mexico has found scores of human footprints dated to between 23,000 and 21,000 years old.

I found the photo that they used very interesting. The lighting makes it look like the prints are protruding from the surface. Flipping the image shows you that they are standard footprints.


That's old news but it reminds me of that Cyber Ninja recount in Arizona.


Crystal spearhead found in a 5,000-year-old megalithic tomb in Spain.

Looks like a prop for Game of Thrones.



Backflip tutorial

Well, color me impressed.


*Verification Required








Which one?





ponder said...

But the meat she eats is white and duck meat is brown.

It's probably a chicken prop anyway.

The last time I ate duck was on a free-range duck farm, the meat wasn't brown but white like chicken. Maybe it's got to do with the type of duck or their food. Either way, they were fscking delicious!

Anonymous said...

C9: I did this when I was about 12 years old. And it worked. I was the most surprised.

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