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Thursday, October 7, 2021


 One Of My Very Own








*Viewer Contribution



Did he work for tips?

He looks EXACTLY what I would have thought he would look like.

*That was fake but still fun.


I stopped the truck next to the Grand Canyon. We got out. I  moaned and immediately said, "Okay, let's go."

My wife said, "GO?! We just got here! What's wrong with you?"

And I touched the bridge of my nose and said, "Erosion always depresses me."

And a good time was had by all.





As mentioned prior, I used to carve tiny cutlery.


Try to keep up...



My wife once applied Chapstick throughout our entire 13-minute conversation.





Amazon driver accidentally throws a package up on the roof.


Carhops in Dallas, Texas 1940

In the 40s, women carhops had discovered their tips could increase by up to $25 a week, about $460 in today’s money if they wore significantly revealing costumes. One offended woman in Texas complained to the Fort Worth Star "we women are sick of looking at girls’ legs; we’d rather look at men’s” in an effort to force a change in women’s uniforms. Instead, a local drive-in responded by hiring "four husky young men... in blue shorts, white sweaters, and fancy cowboy.






Kim Crow: The First Woman to Have Her Voice Digitized for the Cockpit Warning System ... (She's the Original Bitchin' Betty)

Not only all modern US fighters but also NASA.


Is that an invitation or a warning?


Connor McGregor throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game.

Probably the first time he had ever held a baseball.


Anybody? I'm thinking Burning Man but I'm not sure.


German bodybuilder Eugene Sandow was captured on video in 1896.


So, the arrows are hollow?




The day my 4-year-old daughter once stopped in the middle of a soccer game to yell out to me that she smelled BBQ was the proof I needed that I was her father.



Baby Chameleons helping with pest control.

That looks like fun!


I would have drop-kicked that little fucker into next Tuesday.


And there is nothing "cute" about this assault...


In case you need a hint...


The dress Carol Burnett wore (designed by Bob Mackie) in "Went with the Wind" is in the Smithsonian.

The whole nation erupted in laughter at the sight of it.


"You scratched my anchor."

The stainless steel bit on the bow makes me think this isn't the first time he's had a docking mishap.


Before and after: Here's a reconstruction of Curetes Street in ancient Ephesus. This is how Ancient Greece looked like at that time.


Walking under a glacier in Iceland

There's a lot of that sort of thing going around this year.


Ambient magnetic field

What could cause such a thing? And please don't say "a magnetic field." I know that part.



If you jumped out of a plane would you rather have a parachute or the knowledge of how to make a parachute? Most people would say parachute. and that’s why most people never start a successful business.



French woman with baguettes and six bottles of wine, 1945

When I was in Europe the natives went shopping every day for the evening meal. There was always a small grocery, meat market, and bakery wishing walking distance. I've seen countless men and women toting baguettes home in the evening.


Remember, us paying for food stamps for Walmart employees means we are subsidizing their business.



The Soviet Union detonated a 30-kiloton nuclear explosive to extinguish a natural gas fire that raged out of control for three years.

And it worked!

Nice graphics.


I'm assuming they can't use riding lawnmowers.




In December 2019, India had built 33,700 km of roads using plastic waste, which means every 1 km road uses 1 million plastic bags.



It's called "Horse Acing" and it looks like a lot of fun...

I did have some questions that were answered in the comments:

"When do you turn the side ones over? The side column of cards, the one that makes them go backward, you know what I mean?

I think it's when all the aces have passed that row, and they just fucked up on the first one."




*Verification Required






My, doesn't she look...healthy.


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