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Friday, October 15, 2021

FRIDAY #4678

 One Of My Very Own








It’s a good thing we invented calculus before we invented software patents otherwise every time anyone wanted to calculate the center of a mass we’d have to pay the Newton Estate like 12 cents.


The original looked like this which I thought unnecessary...





Erected without a shred of embarrassment.


I don't know what that means.


I was clever enough to do that.


Banjo music still makes my sphincter tense.



May be the greatest player to have ever played the game.








What a wonderful phrase.









When a little kid starts crying at a sad part in a movie so you quickly explain it’s all make-believe to make her feel better but she starts crying louder because she just realized all the movies that made her happy are bullshit too.



She has the way she likes things done in the house the same way I have ways I like things done in my studio.



My doctor doesn't prescribe it but she sure doesn't give a shit.


And until Trump became president I thought America was turning the page on this bullshit.





Why are these mourners laughing?


What the beer in the fridge sees right before I decide to start drinking early.


Modern problems require modern solutions...

I've shown you this before but it just occurred to me that I would love to do that.
And if I have learned anything from mural painting it is that you never repeat the same shape over and over...
Who has ever seen a rock shaped like that?

That driver obeys the GPS voice no matter what.


I have a redlight a block and a half from my home. It is a very dangerous place. Yesterday I waited in the middle of the intersection until the light was red then I turned left. As soon as I cleared the intersection a speeding car blew past behind me. I have seen that happen a dozen times and that's why I look both ways when the light turns green. Stay safe - stay vigilant. 



If you live in an apartment in NYC you’re already part of the tiny house movement. You’re just in denial and paying too much.


I had a bartender who laughed at the idea that aliens traveled all the way here and the first thing they do is turn on their headlights. Even we terrestrials have night vision equipment.



Tubular Cloud

Looks like dragon feet doesn't it?

It's a cormorant.


Now the good news...

A sign of things to come...


"Bug ingestions are rarely reported but can occur even during sleep. The patient's colonoscopy preparation was 1 gallon of polyethylene glycol the evening before colonoscopy, and the colonoscopy examination was otherwise normal. His colonoscopy preparation may have helped the bug escape from digestive enzymes in the stomach and upper small intestine."



Look, we mail our tax returns, driver's licenses, passports, and even medicines. What's the big deal?


Intermittent motion mechanism using an internal gear.


The question, of course, is how the fish is released on the backstroke. Someone said it was a special lure that had no barbs and only worked when there was tension on the line.











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B4- Hodgetwins promote this on their YouTube channel. I think it's "conservative twins" check them out! Funny as hell, haha

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