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Thursday, October 14, 2021


 One Of My Very Own







"It will cost me too much."
No, it won't.
"The government will fuck it up."
Millions love Medicare.
"But I want to pick my own doctor."
I'm on government-subsidized healthcare and I choose my own.
"What about the for-profit hospitals?"
Fuck the for-profit hospitals.
^^A 1-2^^

Not to brag but I haven't gained a pound in staythefuckathome.





I was in grad school in 1972 and so poor that I couldn't afford such luxuries even at those prices.


*The “logic ship” sailed a long, long time ago


I heard a senator discuss the "Cowards" who killed the soldiers at the Kabul Airport with a suicide vest. They may be a lot of things but cowards are not one of them.


So they think we should build larger and larger libraries to hold all the books that nobody reads?


I had never thought about planes needing a sunshade to keep the cockpit from getting too hot. Is that normal?


For me, the worst part about marriage is the five or six times a week my wife sneaks up behinds me, pulls down my sweat pants, gives me a prolonged rim job, then insists that we kiss afterward...using the same tongue she just...well, you know.


*Verification Required



I too believe the system is rigged. And they have convinced millions of working-class people that it's wrong to tax them because "they earned their money."


The simple test to see if you are a cultist is this: Ask yourself if you would feel the same way about 1/6 if Obama had done the exact same thing.


Kinda crazy how the entire country can watch a hurricane destroy a city in real-time now. 100 years ago it was just like, “When was the last time anyone heard from Galveston? Months? Should we send someone to check on that?”

*That one took me a while.


The "Let's split up and get some sleep" people after multiple homicides are the ones who deserve what they get.

*Verification Required



Apparently, that's true!

The guy wrote this to accompany that:

"When I was a kid I used to spend hours setting these guys up and knocking them down. Sometimes I used firecrackers. Hours. Wish I had taken photos of some of the setups, they were great ( at least to me ), but then again we didn't think of photos of everyday stuff back then. I'm 61."

I did that also! But we had an arena inside an old brick foundation. We would turn our backs to one another and hide our men then stand outside the foundation with firecrackers and BB guns to wage war. We had a ball.

I almost missed that.

Remember this crack?
I really like this...

Maxing out your driving skills...

It's as if the truck was designed to do that very thing.

I wish I could do that.


My favorite of all architectural details.
If my memory serves me correctly the British Museum had to return one of them.
I like to imagine a teenage girl of the age leaning against the wall looking down on the young man she will sneak out to meet later that night.

Remember this?


Do celebrities feel complimented when they’re called underrated? Like, you’re really good, just not enough people think so.



If a Human Died on Mars, Would Their Body Decompose?



Again I'm going to guess that the secret is to make sure it is NEVER hungry.

Rhino walking through the streets in Nepal

Brave little dog.

When my grandmother died they played Tumblin Tumbleweed from a phonograph at her funeral. Here's Roy Rogers' rendition:

2021 Ocean Photography Awards

^^C 6-11^^

Picketwire-LaJunta, CO Largest Dinosaur track site in North America

I would spend a week there if I could.

That's just a reminder of why I don't want to go to prison.


One time my wife found a $100 bill in the Target parking lot…then went inside and spent $447. Brilliantly played Target.

*Another that took me a couple of seconds.



See anything odd?

Can you spot the problem?
She's holding that full pot up with only a couple of fingers.

Even monks have their limits.

Dress for the slide, not the ride.


I would think there would be safeguards against things like that.









Player Two has entered the tub.



Anonymous said...

Puzzle time: suffix is "ite".
Despite, ignite, iolite, polite, erudite, granite.

Anonymous said...

B5: We used to hold matches to them and watch them drip as they melted.


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