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Sunday, October 10, 2021

SUNDAY #4673

One Of My Very Own








It looks like his cougar problems are far from over.




I think the government should have given every adult in America free weed to help us with staythefuckathome.



*And people still think that is a viable economic strategy.


Welp, time to move.



"Somebody wake up Hicks!"


Nice try, Snowflake.


*Viewer Contribution



When I say “I should be there in 5!” I’m almost always using the moral sense of the word ‘should’, not the like probability sense. Like yeah, being there in 5 minutes would be the right thing, even though it’s not going to happen.



What a waste of firepower.


We once had a bartender who was so redneck that we took bets on the year of the Firebird in which she was conceived.


Those are skis.

Question: Do skis just wear out so they are no good anymore?


It's nice being married to someone who knows everybody. I voiced a desire to acquire some broken road barricades so that I could use the wood. My wife called the director of road maintenance for the city and asked him if he had any broken barricades. The guy said no most people just steal them which put a whole new thought in my head.


While growing up those were the ingredients for a very special treat.

Butter first, then the cinnamon, and lastly the sugar.


New nickel-titanium tires could be used in a Mars mission scheduled for 2024.


Oddly mesmerizing.


Frank pushes Winston down.

I'm pretty sure that shortly Frank is going to get a powerful reminder of his position in the group hierarchy.


A helicopter pilot flying airplanes for the first time.

I think that is just what happens to a untethered plane in high wind.


A flying Gurnard fish.

I imagine that it looks massive to a predator.


I'm assuming the drone has a "go in a circle" command because I don't think a human could drive it that perfectly. Anybody?


Don't blink...

Raining cats and dogs?

But did you notice the guy's demonic eyes?



Pinocchio would have been a way crazier story if he were a swordfish.




Poor child.


Getulio? The president of Brazil ranks alongside the other world leaders?


Another case of the person looking EXACTLY like we envision such a person to look.


"I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous."


Reminds me of my wife before she stopped drinking. Or as she says - She had had her lifetime quota.


You are not going to believe this bullshit.

Then they invented this!

If that is not true I don't want to know. I want to go to bed tonight thinking about a young woman jumping on a bed on which lie two fornicating naked people and I'm one of them.


Tim Curry signing autographs for The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Wouldn't you think that by now he would hire someone who could forge his name perfectly?


Mark Hamill

The Partridge Family "Old Scrapmouth" (1971)


Removing Hijab ... social media trend in Egypt.


You go girls!



My wife and I had an argument tonight and she went to the bedroom to cool down while I’m in the kitchen with the chips and beer so I think we know who won this one.



They ban those and announced and promoted their own cryptocurrency eYuan which makes it easier to track transactions for anyone who uses it - or so I'm told.

*Note: I know absolutely nothing about that but I can recognize a scam when I see one.


They tied it to a log instead of just tying it to the handrail.



Notice that neither of them have their shoes on. I guess that's sort of a rule.


French astronaut Thomas Pesquet captured this breathtaking photo, showing the star lights and city lights, from the ISS cupola during his Alpha mission. 

“Sometimes star lights battle it out with city lights for who’s the brightest and more beautiful. I’m just lucky to get to be the judge,” Pesquet said. 


My brother and I found dozens of artifacts like that. Not far from our home there was an ancient natural spring that looked very much like this one.

The land around the spring was relatively flat and one day a man brought in a mule and began plowing. We just walked behind him and picked up the arrowheads he upturned. We went back day after day and it took weeks to gather them all.

We assumed that every passing tribe would camp there because of the water and where you have massed people you increase the chances that someone will lose something.


When I owned a bar in Myrtle Beach a guy told me how to crab, where to crab, and even loaned me his net. So the wife and I tossed in a knot of bacon on a string, drug it out slowly, and scooped up the attached crabs with the net. We had a dozen or so in a laundry basket when we quit. In our kitchen, I used a caulk gun to lift them out of the basket but when I dropped them in the too-small pot they jumped right out. We went crabbing a few times after that and never caught another one. It was beginners luck I guess.


This is real medieval city - Monemvasia, Greece




When people live in such places do they let their children play outside unsupervised?


While wearing flip-flops.












Anonymous said...

^D10^ And the guy in flipflops never touched the chains as he walked by.

Robin said...

Puzzle Time

The Answer is 24.

first line two blues plus a brown = 36.

Third line tells us that a blue is equal to a brown. This means that the first line is telling us three blues or browns = 36, therefore both blue or brown must be valued at 12 (3 x 12 = 36).

Fourth line tells us that a brown divided by a green is 12, This means since a brown is equal to 12, the green must equal 1 (12 = 12/1)

Second line tells us that red x green = zero. To equal zero one of the multipliers must be zero, and we know that green = 1, so red must equal zero.

Blue + Brown + Red therefore can be written as 12 + 12 + 0, and equals 24.

D'Ascoyne said...


Uh, you might want to be careful about posting 2 week old news in this day and age - especially when it comes to something like crypto. Bitcoin rebounded immediately and is now at an all time high ($57k) and growing still. It's not too late to hop on the train, Ralph.

Ralph Henry said...

Dear D, I need information so please help me out. If I owned one Bitcoin right now could I buy a car? Could I turn it into cash? I'm assuming it was bought with cash so how hard is it to turn it back into cash? I once asked my chemist friend that question and he just shook his head and said I just didn't understand. He was right - I don't. But I want to understand.
Respectfully, RH

Anonymous said...

One bitcoin today is worth $57,110.50 USD. Does that help?


Ralph Henry said...

Dear Raul, that does not help. What I want to know is could I turn that bitcoin into US dollars? If so, how.

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