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Wednesday, October 6, 2021


 One Of My Very Own









[asteroid destroys earth]

God: *wakes up* "Hey, I was WATCHING that."



They say his erect penis was as large as a rolled-up yoga mat.

*Verification Required



I, of course, wonder if there is anyone inside.



Second thoughts.


The "water" in the goggles is a nice touch.



Look at the size of those eyes!


I would want to go in the backdoor so I could take in the scenery.


I still look at walls and assess their mural potential.


Church of Yo-yo Ma?


Swimming pools boiling because of lava.

I had never really thought of that happening.


1925 Drexel Institute Girls' Rifle Team.

Girl on the right.




I weep for the future.


Mine is just gathering dust.

The guy on the roof.




I like those very much. I just hope they are wall size and not wallet size.




How very clever.



Instead of asking pregnant friends if they know the baby’s gender, I ask if they know the species, that way I don’t have to worry about being invited to the baby shower.



"The climate warms up, the climate cools off. It's been going on like this for millions of years."

That's the argument that is contrary to the consensus of climate scientists around the world. But just like covid, those same people think they know better than the experts.


Imagine if aliens came, landed in the ocean, sunk to the bottom, and thought those things were the Earthlings who were sending out all the radio signals.


I have never seen corn do that. Do you think that's just a little plain water?


Could be used in disaster zones. 


I like the way the camera follows the empty sauce container for no apparent reason.


He threw it back to breed again.


Bird faking an injured wing to lure predators away from its family.


Yes, I have questions. There is very little dirt discarded out of the trench. So what happened to it?



I made that same point to my wife as soon as that girl went missing recently.


Why would they use a photo that is reversed?




I don’t know who needs to hear this, but throwing a haunted doll in the trash won’t stop it from coming back.




I assume steam gathered in the bottom of the hole.


One guy pointed out that it was unrealistic because the debris hit the moon faster than the speed of light.


Those zany Russians.






"Honey, my car is making a funny noise."




A full body foot fault.


His haircut.


I ain't no fortunate son...



Boy, I would have lost that bet.


 It'll buff out.


Demon Rum 1: Drunk Girl 0

*Could someone tell me who is doing the filming and why?



*Verification Required








Burgervan said...

A20: The artist concerned did all the artwork for Radiohead's 'Kid A' album. I'm a HUGE fan of Radiohead and recommend a good listen.

B11: The 'Backward' image You see of the NASA logo is a reflection in the pristine (We hope) mirrors. I hope this get's into space without any glitches 'cos it's gonna blow people's minds.

C2: The light from earth to the Moon takes approximately 1.25 seconds so the 'One Guy' is talking out of his Arsehole. If he was really trying to be clever, He would have noted that when objects struck the lunar surface, dust dispersed formed billowing clouds which wouldn't happen in the vacuum of space.

C15: The whole scene was captured on a static wide angle lens and the Fat Cunt was 'Followed', in post production using apps and stuff.

ponder said...

I made that same point to my wife as soon as that girl went missing recently.

In this case they were social media vanlife bloggers/vloggers with a following, one would expect things to blow up.

Anonymous said...

A3: I know something that might be inside and likely to slide out.

Anonymous said...

A17: making AF wings tonight. Goto!

Anonymous said...

B10: Duh!

Anonymous said...

B12: What is this and how do I get one?

Anonymous said...

C13: Bird had a 'safe line'.

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