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Tuesday, October 12, 2021


One Of My Very Own

*I apologize for that.






Million-dollar idea: Worm Dehorser.



I concur.


The only industrialized country in the world without it. Is that how you spell exceptionalism?



There has got to be a better road surfacing material. It's 2021 - can't somebody get to work on that?


*Verification Required


I keep asking and no one answers - if you designed a country from scratch would you include having most of the money in the hands of the people who hire politicians to do their bidding?




*It always worked for me.


I'm that way about drinking beer.



But exactly what are we supposed to do? Start a war that could kill millions? I want to hear ideas.

*Verification Required


Proof that we have lost our collective survival instincts:


Let's listen to this guy again...



I got it! And I feel smug about it. My first wife was a concert pianist and I sat with her watching a man perform this piece. He even had an assistant to turn the pages for him.

"4′33″ is a three-movement composition by American experimental composer John Cage. It was composed in 1952, for any instrument or combination of instruments, and the score instructs performers not to play their instruments during the entire duration of the piece throughout the three movements."



A-fucking-men! You won! Act like it.

BTW: I once pointed out the fact that Trump lies - proveably - and a commenter actually defended that with "Well, Hillary lied, too." Yes, Mr. Anon, and that is why Democrats rejected her in the 2016 election.




Don’t you hate it when you accidentally say something dumb in a conversation and then hate yourself for the next 15 years?



Could that be true?



And Midol. That explains it.


For my British friends...



And one day a whole country made a plant illegal because it made you giggle.




A perfectly round egg

I wonder how common that is.


Tardigrade costume

If I still wore costumes I would want that.


I almost missed the gag. Here's a hint:


The way it just casually nudges it out of the way toward the end.

A time-lapse over a period of 1.5 years of the aftermath of a supernova explosion in Centaurus A in 2016.

Is that actual film footage or an artist's composition?


Sea Dog meets Land Dog...

Both equally confused.

Reliving his better days...

I bet his foot is even hitting the bass pedal.


How do you determine a winner?

There is a term for this. I think it's generational memory - meaning they know how to do this from birth. But so do retrievers and herding dogs.


Flood = free dinner...



If God really loved all the people of the world why do our heads weigh so much?





Remember this guy?


Have you ever wondered why you are supposed to wear a hardhat while in a bucket lift?




When the stars align...

Nine lanes without a scratch.

I like to imagine the driver is a guy who got a call from his GF saying her parents aren't home.




I don't care if it were a cat, a dog, a horse, or a cow that little bastard would never set foot in my house again.


If I recall correctly, he's wearing a parachute.






I missed the sign my first time through.






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Anonymous said...

Puzzle Time: Lee got Wales. First letter in name is third letter in team.

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