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Wednesday, August 17, 2022


One Of My Very Own


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The scariest thing I can imagine is seeing people having children with people they don't even like.


I was once diagnosed with a masturbation addiction but I beat it.



I have been looking for this picture for years.

In movies, they always have horse-drawn wagons traveling along a two-rut road, but I think there should be three ruts - the third caused by the horse's hooves. Does anyone know if I'm right?


Remember this?

I've often wondered if the rescue was just the result of a fast-thinking spectator or if is he part of a rescue squad that just sits around waiting for one of the racers to catch fire.


I would just like to remind America that if we were to pass universal health care and you didn't like it, you would be free to purchase any kind of insurance policy you wanted.


I had to run an image search on this. Cool story.

This aerial view taken on May 30, 2022, shows a US memorial garden shaped as a military transport aircraft Douglas C-47A with 20 trees in Picauville, close to Sainte-Mere-Eglise, north-western France. - This garden honors the 20 American servicemen who died in this field on early June 6, 1944, during the D-Day allied invasion of Normandy that began the liberation of France during World War II.

*I find it telling that they felt the need to explain that the Normandy Invasion took place during WWII.



I'm assuming that since they are so light you can park them any way you want - but I have erred in my assumptions in the past.


*Apparently, that is true.


I've shown you this before.

But when I look at it I am amazed at all the boxes it had to check: be ultra-light, strong, won't sink in sand/dust, etc.


If it's good enough for barrels...


One would think that would be advantageous for soldiers.


There's a lot about that I don't understand.



My first novel was about a disease that killed 90% of the humans on Earth. It likewise featured two diseases working together.

I have thought about rewriting it to include all the things I've learned during covid - like people who simply refuse to take any precautions whatsoever. That is something I never considered when writing the book.


Smallest Known Remote Controlled Machine on Coins Edge

Well worth a view.


"No need to make any changes since my oil stock is soaring."


I think it's a universal human trait that we stand in awe when we see it raining on one side of the street and not on the other even though we know the rain has to end somewhere.

But this is beyond explanation...

 It would have been so much funnier if the sunroof had been open.




They are looking for this guy.

That young man just turned a simple home invasion (that he may get community service for if it's his first offense) into attempted murder. And for what? He would have gained nothing and risked everything.


What if it had been a motorcycle going 30mph? 

And that, Gentle Reader, is why you always need a spotter.


And now they are addicted.



They should give postal workers horses so I can sit out on my porch drinking a beer and then a guy rides up on a horse and says, "Hey, pal, got a letter for you here for ya."


People trying to convince us that it wasn't a UFO say they are unsure what it was, but it flew, which is the exact definition of U.F.O.






How's that anger management class coming along?


Why the fuck not? Is there a law of footwear that he broke? I don't think so.


It needs to be cordless.


Moments before the thrown radiator ruined everyone's evening...


Welcome to Fuckthatshitistan.


Gay sex is so complicated.


Don't you just hate it when that happens?


Good thing they got the long-legged kid baptized otherwise their loving God would have to burn it in hell for eternity.





The term "scientist" was coined in the 1830s to describe Mary Somerville because the usual term "man of science" didn't apply and she wasn't just a physicist, geologist, or chemist - she was all three. Therefore, from now on I will be referring to all men who do science as "male scientists". All scientists are female unless indicated otherwise.


When my wife was younger she asked her doctor for an IED and with a chuckle, he explained that an IED was a bomb. And my wife said, "Well, I'm in if it will keep me from getting pregnant..."



An aerial view shows a worker standing among dry fishes at a factory in Penghu islands on May 31, 2022. 


*The tonnage of creatures taken from the sea daily must be staggering.


For a guy who could count the number of times he's been on a motorcycle on one hand I am still fascinated by them.

That one looks much too uncomfortable.

This one looks too difficult to control.

I'm more of a three-wheel guy myself. And I bet this is powered by the same rear engine as the car.

^^D 2-4^^

One of my favorite photographs.

Did you notice that most of the women refused to stand in the window?


I hope that's in the basement because that probably weighs as much as a car.




Let the voting begin: Do you think that's true?


That would really speed things along.



What if a man did that to you when you tried to cut his nails? Or if a dog tried to bite your face? 

So if violence is the answer to its problems, are we humans allowed to use violence on him?


Remember this?

Well, I found out how things like that happen...


Did you notice this stupid bitch tempting fate?


A different level of trampoline

Did you notice the assists he gets from his ground men?


He seems to enjoy that very much.


Shooting a rather scary action movie scene...



In the movie Terminator, there is an early scene in the nightclub where John Connor saves Sarah. My question is, why didn't Connor just shoot the Terminator's gun thus making it inoperative for later assaults?

I watched that movie for the 12th time and just noticed that the doctor who saw the Terminator in the police station...

...was in Terminator 11 and he STILL doesn't believe Sarah Connor.

That reminds me of them not believing the guy was abducted by aliens while fighting aliens in Independence Day.







Monkey see monkey do...



You have all the clues you need to tell me what this is...exactly.


Anonymous said...

This is a good one check it out https://twitter.com/i/status/1559568932931092481

Fardygardy said...


third rut in roads... drive on almost any back road in Lancaster County, PA, and see the third rut IN THE PAVEMENT from horse draw carriages.

billr said...

^^B1^^ I'm not a horse person, but I don't think their legs are that close together to make a single rut as shown in the photo.

^^B2^^ I'd guess it's a trained rescue person. That maneuver looks pretty complicated to me and they pulled up and turned perfectly positioned for the sand spray.

Anonymous said...

that cow thing, in high school i dated a girl that had a few horses so one time her dad wanted to meet me, like a date night you see but i swear he was looking for free labour because he had me mucking the stables with her afterwards, it was literal horse scheisse.

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