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Sunday, January 24, 2016


One Of My Very Own…

"Its odd how the Catholic Church just lets pedophile's grant forgiveness."

Oh, hell yeah.

Here's a song that might warm you up...

NOTE: If you are not inclined to struggle through yet another diatribe from a militant anti-deist, here is an alternative. The first five pages are a collection of One Of My Very Own's from past posts. You may enjoy them better.

In every culture, the sky and the religious impulse are intertwined. I lie back in an open field and the sky surrounds me. I’m overpowered by its scale. It’s so vast and so far away that my own insignificance becomes palpable. But I don’t feel rejected by the sky. I’m a part of it—tiny, to be sure, but everything is tiny compared to that overwhelming immensity. And when I concentrate on the stars, the planets, and their motions, I have an irresistible sense of machinery, clockwork, elegant precision working on a scale that, however lofty our aspirations, dwarfs and humbles us.

 - Carl Sagan


Them: Did you sleep well?

Me: Like god during the holocaust.


Who in their right mind would describe North Korea as being "based on science and reason?" Seriously, is that the best you got?


You have your wall of crosses, and as a Pastafarian I have my own icons.
All hail flying spaghetti monster in the sky. Need proof? Then why are all the suns and planets shaped like meatballs?

To repeat, it really gives me pleasure to ask true believers to describe what they will be doing in Heaven; what it will look like; where exactly it is; and then I get mean and ask them if they and their grandfather will be naked or if god hands out clothes at the gates.

   Religion is about internal spiritual experiences, and that is all.
   There is no world other than the material world around us.
   There are no beings other than the living organisms on this planet or elsewhere in the universe.
   There is no objective being or thing called God that exists separately from the person believing in him.
   There is no 'ultimate reality' outside human minds either.
   We give our own lives meaning and purpose; there is nothing outside us that does it for us.
   God is a projection of the human mind.
   "God" is the way human beings put 'spiritual' ideals into a poetic form that they are able to use and work with.
   "God" is simply a word that stands for our highest ideals.

    Humanity is forced to take responsibility for everything.
   Human beings are seen as powerful and able to do things for themselves.
   Religion no longer has to try to explain many difficult issues that go with believing in supernatural things.
   Religion is no longer in opposition to scientific progress.

Well, now that you understand the rules.

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