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Sunday, February 7, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


All my money is on the Panthers today, and much more than I usually bet. Wish me luck. I even had to give Denver 3 1/3 points.


There's no question that Belgian cyclist Femke van den Driessche had a motor hidden in a bike she rode in the UCI Cyclocross World Championships over the weekend, because race officials discovered it in the hollow part of the bike frame. But van den Driessche swears she didn't know the motor was there.
Here's her alibi: The 19-year-old denied that she had used a bike with a concealed motor on purpose, saying that it was identical to her own but belonged to a friend and that a team mechanic had given it to her by mistake before the race. "It wasn't my bike, it was that of a friend and was identical to mine," a tearful Van den Driessche told Belgian TV channel Sporza. "This friend went around the course Saturday before dropping off the bike in the truck. A mechanic, thinking it was my bike, cleaned it and prepared it for my race," she added, insisting that she was "totally unaware" it was fitted with a hidden motor.



They started as "Millennials for Jeb" and now they're called "Millennials Rising," but since the beginning, the dark-money-spouting Super PAC has been 95% funded by rich white guys over the age of 60.

I ran across a couple of these this week. This first one took me a while, and then I noticed the leaves.

But this one has me stumped....and I have found it on literally dozens of sites.

Here are some enbiggenizings to aid you.

And I am absolutely positive that when one of you points out the obvious, I will be embarrassed.

Sad times around the old homestead. No pity, please. Believe it or not, working on Folio Olio helps me keep what sanity I have left. I now have dozens of posts "In the can", as it were, but I can't guarantee the quality. It's just something to keep my mind off my wife's ordeals. And don't worry about me adding more worry to her burden, she told me that she has been much too busy to view a single Folio Olio post.

NOTE: A huge collection of things going south...some new, some not so new. I hope you learn something.

Australian F-111 belly landing, lost it's landing gear after take-off. Pilot graduated just two weeks earlier..

That is the emergency shut off switch depressed by the post.

No, he didn't fall. Disappointed?

Trout jumps out of hatchery and freezes to wall.

Try to do a good deed and...well, you know.


Donk said...

In the picture of the three girls, there is no seat on the bench.

Larry said...

There are no boards under their butts, the bench is missing the seating area!

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