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Monday, August 22, 2016

MONDAY #2800

One Of My Very Own…



My wife sent me an amazing article about these new age ways of using wind power to make electricity.

They wiggle.

That's it. They stand there and wiggle and each time it does it makes power. They are small enough to fit in an average backyard. Here's the link:

Okay, he's old news I will spare you in the future.

In alcohol’s defense, I've done some pretty dumb shit while completely sober too.

Quand le street artist Combo s’amuse avec la brigade anti-graffiti de Paris.

I think they are making fun of people who paint someone else's wall without permission.
I'm not really a slave to the almighty dollar (note key packets) but if something is worth doing, one should get paid. If no one will pay you, then that ought to speak volumes to your art's worth.
I like many of the things I come across. I really like creative ideas that I have not seen before.

And I do understand the allure of young kids sneaking around doing their thing to stick it to authority.

But scribbling on walls is for children.

Grown men and women should have something to say, and in my opinion stylishly writing your name or whatever is just childish.

If you do this... Fuck you!
That's Three Rock Mountain - Dublin, Ireland.
Way to go you prick... Ruining it for everyone else.

That does not mean that free art in abandoned places is a bad idea.

I just don't like laziness and stale, overused cliches.

Then and now civil war photos

Corium Brick Cladding System is made up of genuine brick tiles that clip into the system's galvanized steel tray sections.

You still have to point in the grout, but a adequately handy man should be able to do it.

Beer:"You know what would be funny?"
Me:"No. What?"
Beer:"Really? Finish me and have four more then I'll ask again."
Me:"Yes, sir."

Modern man captured in one cartoon.

Think quick! What would you do? I know exactly what you would do...

"Deep-sea fish has transparent head, upward-facing eyes, demon-doll face."

Said to live in total darkness and the black orbs are not eyes. Oh, well.


Look, I know I'm not up on all the facts, but the way I look at it is that all the coal, oil, natural gas, uranium, etc that comes out of the ground belongs to all of us. I don't mind corporations making a profit, but I do resent them making a killing selling your and my finite resource that can't be replaced.
But there's ALWAYS a counter-argument.

Family Reunion Talk: "Yes, I absolutely would love to hear about your cat's new medication schedule."

So, I got this as change yesterday...

Not really.

Worth the read...



This is just about as perfect as it can be done...

Jian Yang World Record 123 point jump - Highest scoring dive ever.

Asians...I mean, dayum.

Then there are the different kind of skills like these next two young ladies...

And I am going to go ahead and commend Keith for his ability to garner hatred from so many people.

70% of being married is just wondering which of us is going to benefit from the life insurance.

Kinetic Sculpture

I think that is called a moire pattern.

Liquid nitrogen "skating" on gasoline

I wonder if it does that on anything else but gasoline.

I don't like when they use "late" to describe a deceased person. It's like give a guy a break on his attendance. He's dead already.

I mean, holy crap! This gives me a headache.

Here's a close-up.

I do not read music, but I know there is somebody out there in the ether who does. Question: Can you decipher that? And, no, I don't want you to explain it, I just want to know if you could look at that and understand what it is you are supposed to do.

How fucking retarded do you have to be to ride this bus?!

And if, in fact, you are that retarded, how do you even know how to get on the damn bus?

Kegels: Because how else are you supposed to grind fresh coffee beans during a power outage?



That, Gentle Reader, is one noble beast.


These things cause more problems than you can imagine. As I understand it, you can hunt as many as you want, but the meat is tough. Anybody know if I was told that by a bullshitter?

You miss all the shots you don't take...seal style.

If you stand by and watch someone wreck their life, you're part of the problem. And yet we all still go to weddings...if only for the open bar.


(nothing says class like genitalia)

I want his job.

Porta Nigra, Trier Germany
Completed 200 AD by the Romans

Trier [Tree-air] was only a couple of miles from where I was based in Germany. Back then the main road went through those arches. It was a tight squeeze and the blocks were permanently scarred by scrapping rearview mirrors. I remember thinking that was a disgrace. So apparently they rerouted the road...which is nice.
On a side note: In the late 60s it had a lot of fat letter graffiti, which I also thought was a disgrace.

Jewish prisoners after being liberated from a death train, 1945

I post things like that regularly, just to remind you just how easy it is for a whole people to go stark raving mad when they believe too many lies.

I learned something today...

I think that is for range testing purposes.

There is a huge body of evidence to support the notion that me and the police were put on this earth to do extremely different things.

What's that old saying?

You try to do somebody a favor and they will body-slam you every time.

This deserves to be seen at least once a quarter...

Bitch kicked herself in the face with her shin...HER OWN SHIN!

The "Slow Children Playing" signs always make me sad. Would it cost that much more to thrown in punctuation?


It is time for another installment of....

And remember, I know exactly how hard it is...


Ninja Grrrl said...

I can read music, and as far as I can tell I'd need to be Kali to play that piece. It would require about four more hands than I happen to have available.

Senph42 said...

I would risk to call bullshit on the Trier side note;
I know you don't like kids who write their thing around and can't/won't distinguish them and their motives, but I highly doubt there were fat letter graffiti in the 60-es on some German monument, when that type of vandalism was invented in the USA in late 60-es, become popular in the 70-es and even then took a few years to get adapted here in Europe. I would believe if you said there were some "John was here" type scribbles, but if you put that, the rock defacing idiot and the graffiti/mural painting guys under the same hat, then it's useless to write anything further... BTW some (most?) of the murals you like to praise and present as good art here on your blog are also painted by "fat letter paintin' kids" and that's a good thing.

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