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Monday, November 7, 2016

MONDAY #2877

One Of My Very Own…


Some of these are dated, but I didn't post any time sensitive items on Saturday or Sunday because I was one lazy sumbitch.

PoliticS FirsT

Quick, before you vote, let's photoshop a picture of Hillary...

And make shit up...

When the truth is far more damning...

QUESTION: Has anyone ever changed their vote because of a yard sign. Seriously.


If that doesn't thrill you, you might need to go somewhere else for your daily blog fix.

So what did you promise god in the bottom of the 9th of game 7?

Black Lives Matter declares its opposition to Trans Pacific Partnership.

They joined the fray over the Asian Pacific trade deal, contending the pact would lead to greater racial injustice.
So let me get this straight; we are taking advice on international trade policy because BLM "thinks" it might effect (affect?) black people's paychecks?
This is what happens when you give people...any people, enough media play.
My take on it, as previously stated many times, is that people are not "against" you or me, but rather "for" themselves. You can see examples of that just about everywhere you care to look.

And so let's just all go ahead and admit it. You are "for" you and yours - just like it's always been. It's how we survived all these years. It's not so bad really, if you make sure your are on the "right" side, which, of course, EVERYBODY IS...by their own rationale.
Need proof? No one took up arms against an enemy who they thought was on the "right" side. All those warriors are and were convinced to kill for an idea that was not of their own fabrication...but merely excellent propaganda. At least that's my call.
Sleep tight.

I don't care what the FBI says, America's most wanted still sounds like an honor.


My wife sent me a great website.

Here's the link: http://www.physics-astronomy.com/

This from one of the articles:
Professor Brian Cox said:

Dalle, a 19-year-old female chimpanzee, lights a cigarette at the Central Zoo in Pyongyang, North Korea.

I placed that there to remind you that North Korea's batshit crazy leader will soon have a missile that could deliver a nuke to America.

I'm not a right wing nutcase...

But the poor people (parents) I tried to work with at my elementary school made me a real cynic.

I'm not sure this next one is accurate, but it wouldn't surprise me...


And by now every American knows the evil sweat shops overseas where their crap is made and we just don't give a shit.

The U of Chicago offered same night counseling to any student who felt triggered (offended) by a Halloween costume. Seriously.

Since 2009, the Chicago Police Department has seized $72M worth of property from people who were not convicted of any crime, through the discredited civil forfeiture process, keeping $48M worth of the gains (the rest went to the Cook County prosecutor's office and the Illinois State Police) in an off-the-books, unreported slush fund that it used to buy secret surveillance gear.

That this is still an issue sickens me...no pun intended.

Moby-Dick is cool if you like stopping in the middle of a story about murdering a smart whale to think about all the different kinds of rope.

Something I didn't even know is possible...

Almost half of a 50-strong herd of cows in western France ate themselves to death after chomping on the equivalent of a whole winter’s rations in just one night.


[creating humans]
GOD: Make them imperfect...
ANGEL: Okay...done...
GOD: Now make them apologize to Me all the time for being imperfect.

A different view of that balcony held up by four female figures...my favorite.

Scientists who analyzed the bones ― identified as those of a young man who died violently in the 13th century ― say that the gruesome gash on the skull is consistent with a blow from a wooden-bladed “fighting boomerang” known as a wonna.
From the looks of him he thought it was hilarious.

Peruvian authorities are investigating the deaths of over 10,000 critically endangered frogs in Lake Titicaca. The cause of the Titicaca water frog massacre remains a mystery, though local activists have said water pollution and government negligence are to blame.
On a personal note, I think Titicaca is the best name for anything, ever.

The latest secretive mission of the United States Air Force's X-37B space plane has cruised beyond 500 days in Earth orbit since its launch last year.

Exactly what the winged space plane's duties are while it's in orbit continues to remain a tight-lipped affair. Similarly, how long the vehicle will remain in orbit has not been detailed.


Elvis fan, 1957

Do you remember Donald Trump saying that if you are famous you can grab them by the pussy and they won't mind? Well, my wife reacted exactly like the young woman above when she went to Beatles concerts and I can guarantee you that she would have loved it if one of them had grabbed her by the pussy. Just sayin'.

So many women have kissed Oscar Wilde's grave...

That they had to erect a barrier.

So now they kiss the barrier.

Recognize her?

Pornstar Linda Lovelace shocks other race-goers as she attends the Royal Ascot races in a revealing morning suit, England, June 20th, 1974. Think Deep Throat.

While many would get out and take pictures, I would be the guy who got as far away and as fast as possible.

Here's why...same intersection, different angle...

They have A LOT of bicycles over there.

One of the main causes of injury is people opening their car door right when a bike approaches.
So it is a national habit to open your door with your right hand so your body is in position to look for bikes.

Thought my wife was mad at me and when I asked her she said she was fine.

I bet all the girls say "I bet you say that to all the girls" to all the guys.

I used to make underground cities very much like this when I was a kid.

I used graph paper and they were very detailed.

Try to figure out how the hell this could be.

If anybody knows whether this is real or computer generated I don't want to know. I want to believe it exist.

I feel a little guilty about not liking this.

I think it's the black toes.

Here's how...

This looks like a lot of fun...

When you stretch and your inner pornstar moan accidentally escapes.


Finish your chores and party like it's 1699.

When you accidentally say the W-A-L-K word around your hyperactive dog.

Cats are just fuzzy houseplants that hate you.


Unless, of course, it makes your friends a shitload of money, the fuck you America.


Ninja Grrrl said...

As much as you laugh at the notion of safe spaces, if it could help prevent one Dylan Roof, then why the hell not. I don't know that it would, but it won't hurt anyone, which seems to me a fair recommendation. Also , I really question the numbers on the Tsarev pic. The myth that anyone is living the high life on government benefits is crap , plain and simple. I dont just speak to my own experience with disability and poverty . As Garth Brooks would say, I've got friends in low places .

Ralph Henry said...

My problem is the converting universities into daycare facilities where everyone has to be coddled. Universities are where you learn to listen to every view there is, then make your case...JUST LIKE REAL LIFE. Can you image working for, say, Microsoft and a person wore a Trump pin and you asked for the day off in a safe room?
Universities are the last place many people have to learn coping skills. Escapism is not coping. It's copping...out.

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