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Monday, November 21, 2016

MONDAY #2891

One Of My Very Own…

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Anybody ever cook a goose? I want to cook one for Christmas and know nothing about it. First of all, if it's worth it. Are they tough, dry, or what. 

Please advise.

That is a reminder that I knew perfectly well that the colorized WWI picture from a few days was a spoof. I really, really appreciate the corrections because you don't want me to look like an idiot, but just prior to that image I waxed long and sincerely about people posting made up shit. Maybe I was a little too subtle.

The REAL football season has finally started...

Says the man who is still wearing flip-flops.

The last time Hamilton publicly mocked and taunted a Vice President.

Romantic comedies are just horror movies where people only die on the inside. Also, my wife doesn't let me pick movies for date night.

Want to guess what this is?

The story goes that it is named after a New York City attorney. He was sent out to this area in 1884 to check legal titles on properties. On his way back to Pine Camp he asked a local resident and guide the name of this mountain. The guy replied, "Never had a name but from now on we'll name it after you." The lawyer's name was Charles E. Rushmore.
South Dakota historian Doane Robinson is credited with conceiving the idea of carving the likenesses of famous people like Lewis and Clark, Red Cloud, and Buffalo Bill Cody, into the Black Hills region of South Dakota in order to promote tourism in the region. The idea morphed from there.
Gutzon Borglum at work on a model..

Notice the rod protruding out over the face (red arrow) It was used to tell the carvers how far to carve into the mountain. You can see the full-size rod in this picture.

I'm in awe of people who can pronounce camaraderie correctly the first, second or tenth time.


Of interest to some is the fact that the church in which I was raised read in the bible that John the Baptist took Jesus down into the river to baptize him. If baptism were the mere sprinkling of water on the head, then why did Jesus have to go INTO the water?

Speaking of bombs...

A guy diving for sea cucumbers discovered a large metal device that looked a bit like a flying saucer. The Canadian Department of National Defense believes it could be the "lost nuke" from an American B-36 bomber that crashed in the area in 1950.
The government does not believe the bomb contains nuclear material. It is sending naval ships out to the site to verify the find. The plane was on a secret mission to simulate a nuclear strike and had a real Mark IV nuclear bomb on board to see if it could carry the payload required. The American military claims the bomb was filled with lead and TNT but no plutonium.
When I worked on nukes, I never heard of anyone loading a fake one on an aircraft, but that may be a top secret that I was sworn not to divulge, so don't tell anyone where you got that information.

Speaking of potential bombs...
Nuke testing requires many different kinds of compressed gases. We were trained endlessly on the importance of treating the canisters with the utmost of care.

And here's why...

Inside a missile bay, one of those could do a whole bunch of damage. That's why some smart sumbitch in vented this.

It screws on the tank so if there is a blow out all the compressed gases expel through the side vents rendering motionless.



When I daydream I like to fantasize about having my shit together. Daydrink. Sorry, I meant day drink.

I am reluctant to judge, but this is one young man who is easy to hate.

Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman on why the NFL’s ratings are declining in an NFL-organized press conference.
“Because the league isn’t fun anymore. Every other league, you see the players have a good time."

"It’s a game. This isn’t politics. This isn’t justice. This is entertainment. And they’re no longer allowing the players to entertain. They’re no longer allowing the players to show any kind of personality, any kind of uniqueness, any individuality. Because they want to control the product. They want to control the messaging, etc., etc.
They say we’re trying to influence kids, and that’s their biggest thing. That’s their biggest ploy is you don’t want to be a bad influence to kids. You don’t want to be a bad role model. And I can agree with that. But in the same breath, you can’t say Budweiser is the official sponsor of the NFL, and we’re trying to influence kids. So there’s a ton of hypocrisy, but it doesn’t matter because we don’t control it.”

Speaking of outstretched arms...


I like this so much I going to show it to you again...it must smell like victory...

But remember, dear long time visitors, I have a slew of new guests.

The guy who takes Samsung Note 7 and Washing Machines back to the Samsung factory.

I had almost forgotten about this evilness...

(I wonder how many viewers will know what that is about.)

Looks like a modern day Escher.

When you find yourself at the wrong concert:
Part 1:

Part 2:

"I'm not drunk, I'm a zombie."
    ~ Me passing out candy on Halloween

Flexfoil morphing wing.

Sounds dreamy, right? Some heroic researchers at the University of Michigan and Cornell have engineered a special material called "magnetoelectric multiferroic," which has hugely exciting potential for environmentalists and tech manufacturers alike. It will allow computers of the future to operate using just a few quick pulses of electricity rather than a constant stream, like the semiconductor-based devices we currently use.

I like sleep because it's like dying, but with breakfast at the end.


Pouring tea as if you like your job in your uncle's restaurant...


That HAD to hurt!


Given a chance, that big boy would fuck the shit out of this guy...

It's call "rutting" and it's not a perfect science.

How about Weird Al feeding some ostriches?

...and kind of pretending he is enjoying it.

I think those are called Road Trains...Australia?

Oh, I know you think I'm freaking the fuck out.

But no. I think it was done intentionally to illustrate that the world is not perfect, so get over it. See the saw marks?

Like this kid.

Speaking of little kids with disabilities...

I've posted that before. Has anyone found out the story behind that? If not, hop to it. The world wants to know if the kid is actually damaged.

My wife once tucked an errant lock of her gynecologist's hair behind her ear with her toes.


I don't want to be one of these people...

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Anonymous said...

Vey astute (and clever) with the Bomb pronunciation. Booms away would be so much more accurate than Bahms.......

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