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Monday, December 12, 2016

MONDAY #2912

One Of My Very Own...

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This is not the stupidity I wish to discuss...
That is just a misunderstanding. A mistake, if you will. But with a magic tool in every pocket, Americans just flatly refuse to educate themselves.
It is not a new phenomena... 
 For years Americans have been the WILLING sap to advertisers.
With enough of an advertising budget, you can sell ANYTHING to Americans. Americans now think it is their RIGHT to have the biggest TV they can get through the front door. It's consumerism on steroids. But at least that helps grow the economy...of Japan and China!
But lately, demanding that your feeling not be hurt is a national pastime.
Feeling angry is now victimhood and, by god, somebody is going to pay.
I hate to break it to you, but the vast majority of fat people eat too much and exercise too little.
If you point that out, then you are labeled a hater.
I'm not trying to convince you that I am a really smart guy, but I do at least try.
I once had a guy tell me that Big Bang Theory was his favorite show, so I watched a couple of episodes.
I didn't laugh once and thought the jokes lame. He told me that it was because I just wasn't smart enough to "get" them. I didn't even respond.
In America we love making very stupid people famous. And no, I'm not talking about Trump. He may be a lot of things but stupid isn't one of them.
I am referring to people like Kanye. He is the poster child of what is wrong with America.
In America we just make up shit to worry about.
And don't get me started on the anti-vaccine crowd. They pretend to know more than their doctors at their own children's peril. And for what? So they can appear more clever than you.

I will bet money that only 1 in a hundred people would even understand this joke.
And they have absolutely no desire to learn. I would also say less than 1 in a hundred would be able to recognize this artifact...
Ladies and gentlemen, the Rosetta Stone. Show some love for something I have wanted to see in person since I first learned of it as a little kid. 
And then there's this:
And stupid people elect stupid leaders.

That wasn't true. She never said that. When the website that created it was tracked down, they called it satire.
So in America a flat out libelous lie is now satire.

Many years ago the US turned away whole boatloads of Jews from Nazi Germany.

How times have changed, from Hitler to gay pride.
 Now there are conflicts all over the world, including the middle-east.
Here a centuries old (I think) cannon mounted to a truck in Syria. 
Seldom do you see this level of barbarity. 
This is Khaled Assad.
Isis militants beheaded him and hung his body in the square because he refused to reveal where they had hidden Palmyra Antiques.
Now America faces a choice.
And this is now happening in a country that opened its border.
Refugees riot in Harmalni, Bulgaria.
Source: http://btvnovinite.bg/gallery/bulgaria/migrantite-v-harmanli-se-vdignaha-na-bunt-snimki.html
This from the guy who posted that: 
"We are getting overrun with migrants. Bulgaria is only 8 million people and is heading towards an economic catastrophe. We can't house thousands and thousands of refugees who don't even want to stay here, but at this point the rest of Europe doesn't want them as well and they don't want to return home."

I caught two kids smoking pot outside my school. Fifteen minutes later the principal caught me and two kids smoking pot outside of school.
[ pos·er 2  (pō′zər) n. A baffling question or problem. ]

What could possibly be a very odd thing about this woman?

It was said that this was very clever. I had to watch it a dozen times to get it.


Riddle: The letter "N."

Foxes: "Are they moving?" 
"That would explain the suitcase."

Google's DeepMind AI now better than Humans at Lip Reading.

Finally found a gif of that new guard rail that reduces damage to your car..

3-D modeling
I think you can then 3-D print them; scaled down, of course.

The USA mapped by sunset shadows...

I'm currently in a stable three-way relationship. The other two parties are Netflix and alcohol.

Very old, but still one of my favorites.

You ever passed out naked in an Arby's parking lot? Be honest.
How wonderful.

This was said to be a boot dryer.
Can you spell "Over Engineered" boys and girls?
People choose to live like this...every fucking working day of their lives...

Then I remembered this image from L.A.
If you sit in a cubicle all day looking at a computer, you can do that from home. But mostly I advocate living near you job. The house may cost more, but think of the money you save on gas and vehicle maintenance, plus the time you've wasted.
Which sentence is most correct?
The town is void of human occupants.

The town is devoid of human occupants.

Now that's a tight fit...

A blossoming bonsai...

This is just another reason hunters are encouraged to cull the herd...

My wife laid an impressive turd this morning...

A four dog night...
Most people don't know that the rock band Three Dog Night was named after the practice of sleeping with dogs to stay warm.

Fuck you anti-depressants, just do this from time to time.

You ever picked a fight with a neighbor's garden gnome?
I use cigarettes to help me quit chewing gum.

We pay this man to kill people and at the same time not to get killed.
So what do we do when they come home damaged?

I'll let this one speak for itself...

I would just like to thank all the people who provide us service even on the holidays...

Seriously how much of Krypton fell to earth and how do bad guys keep finding it? You're Superman, handle your shit. This ain't a game, dawg.


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