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Tuesday, June 23, 2020


One Of My Very Own





This handy guide may help you in making your long term plans.




Lying bitch.

Who holds a pistol like that?
He learned that from watching too many gangbanger movies.

[before humans were invented]

Animals: This is nice.




Conspiracy theorists are idiots. 

Modern Problems Modern Solutions




This is why I watch Bollywood.

That's one of the most over-engineered things I've ever seen.

So the fuck what? Dead is dead. 


Pirate Clark Kent: *takes off eye patch*

Pirate Lois Lane: OMG!



Sgt Major Robert Blatnik, Omaha Beach, D-Day - He commanded 901 men.

This is from photographer Doug Dunbar
"I took this photo of Sgt Major Robert Blatnik 5 years ago. This was the stretch of Omaha Beach in Normandy where he came ashore on #D-Day. He commanded 901 men. Headcount 24 hours later and about 500 yards inland, they had 387. 500 yards. Let that soak in. 

I strongly advise that. 

Bats rule. 

The first creepy crawlies to climb out of Earth's ancient lakes and make their way on land may very well have done so with hundreds of tiny feet.
After carefully dating the earliest bug fossils ever discovered, scientists now think an extinct genus of myriapod, a relative of modern millipedes, represents the earliest direct evidence of an animal living and breathing on land. 

I've told hundreds of young people that they don't need to borrow tons of money to get a degree in four years but rather keep your job and only take a couple of classes a semester.

"... sometimes known as a "suicide headache" because many patients have suicidal thoughts during attacks."
I suffered from those for over a year. Then they just went away. Never had I endured pain like that. Totally debilitating. The doctors have no idea what causes them much less to have a cure.
Here's the way it felt for me: It's like a ball of molten metal settled in right behind my left eyeball. My attacks usually lasted about thirty minutes.
The absence of them is why when I'm asked how I'm doing I say I've never been better a day in my life.
More info:


Bet someone they can't name the country with which France shares its longest border, and give them three or four guesses.

The answer is Brazil on the border with French Guiana, which is as much a part of France as Alaska is part of the United States. 

Tesla autopilot evading a pig. In Belgium last week.


Why wouldn't he just jack his house up on stilts?

I looked at that a dozen times and I don't think a single spectator was injured. But that last young woman was very, very close.

 A captured 13-year-old German soldier drinks coffee aboard a small Allied landing craft (LCI), departing from Normandy to England. 1944.

Jeff Widener is China's best friend...his tankman picture has brought hope, tears, joy to all those who fight the good fight.



Chickens are proof that God loves us by creating a tasty bird that can barely fly.




Tensegrity table


I think that was carved out of one tree trunk.

I think that's water.


Nobody drops pianos on people like they used to and that’s a shame.





Were those packets of money or cocaine?













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