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Saturday, July 4, 2020


One Of My Very Own




Charcoal, graphite, and 135 hours.

Did you notice that what he is reading is reflected in his glasses?

NASA Photographer of the Year
Photographs released by NASA are in the public domain because they are produced by a federal agency. The dozens of photographers that work for NASA therefore rarely get the credit they deserve for the work they do. That's why Maura White of the Johnson Space Center launched the agency's Photographer of the Year awards, now in its second year. This year, the work of around 70 photographers was judged by a panel of experts in order to acknowledge great work. There is apparently not just one photographer of the year, but winning photos in four categories, plus runners-up. The photo above is the winner in the "Places" category.   Chris Gunn of the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland took this shot of the center’s Space Systems Development and Integration Facility. The entire wall is made up of HEPA filters that remove particles smaller than a red blood cell. A thousand times cleaner than a hospital operating room, the facility is used to test high-value instruments like the James Webb Space Telescope’s Optical Assembly.
More winners: LICK HERE  

The ruins, Fabio Viale
Italian artist Fabio Viale presents a tale of decay and reconstruction, as part of his ongoing exhibition ‘Acqua alta High Tide’ at Galleria Poggiali in Florence, Italy. In what looks like a waterfall of marbles, several truncated statues and shards of vessels, limbs, and heads of stone are reclaimed as noble artworks through a new impressive display.

Apparently, he dumped statues out of a truck...
 Then collected the interesting bits.


If you view the link you will learn that they project the image onto paper, pounce the paper, tape the paper to the wall, use a charcoal bag to transfer the image onto the wall, then go over the charcoal dots with a marker.

I have had to pounce before but I just sprayed-painted through the holes so no need for markers.
But mostly I just projected the image right on the wall with a special lens. It was the responsibility of the funding source to arrange for all the street lights to be turned off.

This is the way I pictured sand art.

But these guys take it to a whole other level.


[inventing facebook]
Everyone: My family isn’t racist.
Mark Zuckerburg: Oh ahahahahaha.





But why was it being filmed? Does that happen often or is it being faked? 


That poor fucker flopping around in there!

Repost? Hell, I don't know anymore. 

Then player three enters the game!

That's one lucky fellow!

Prince Charming: Check out the babe.
Doc: Oh that’s Snow White, she’s dead.
Prince Charming: I should kiss her.
Doc: Do you really think that might bring her back to life?
Prince Charming: Bring her what now?



Animatronic with skin and teeth test...


Hummingbird dodges wasp

I'm assuming they measured the stride. 


When my brother was a professional bass fisherman he used those. 


Analysis has revealed that the mystery fossil found in Antarctica is in fact a soft-shelled egg, the largest ever found, laid some 68 million years ago, possibly by a type of extinct sea snake or lizard.

This guy's chicken laid a soft-shelled egg.
Would you eat it? I would not.

How to know when someone like being stupid...


Think of the millions of people who now have an educational opportunity for the first time in the entire history of their family.

Assert dominance by moaning your own name during sex.







8 piece fried chicken box 


That took me longer than it should have.

Just because you are a virgin doesn't make you a good candidate for sacrifices.




Who the fuck copies stupid crap from the internet?

Save some pussy for the rest of us big fella! 

He can’t believe the World's Best Chess player made such a mistake.
You can tell he's really struggling to tell if the move was a legit mistake or if its a trap.


Expect the unexpected...

Watching on TV doesn't do justice to how fast these cars are racing.

And how loud. That may be the only sport where the closer you get to the action the cheaper the seats.
I only have one functioning ear left so I avoid loud places at all costs.







 Yeah, like he could turn off lust just because God told him to."





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