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Wednesday, July 8, 2020


One Of My Very Own





When I was growing up, Lightning Bugs (Fireflies) were everywhere. Now I haven't seen one in years.

Old dog snoring...


To listen to the child's glee:


Hey you, look at what I can do with my ears.

Caracal hypnotizing ear whip



A pike appears to have jumped out of the water, likely chasing prey, and became stuck in a tree. After decomposing, a bird made a nest in its mouth.



When picking art supplies for your children, never pick glitter. You will always regret picking glitter.



It looked like she did that on purpose.



An exhibition of verve.


A burly guy in a big car is cool.

You can’t unsee this!

This guy has a neat hobby...


Wait for it...

My daily workout consists of exercising poor judgment.



When we were looking for a house to buy, I had two requirements: no stairs and the kitchen had to be next to the driveway. My house is one step off the ground and the kitchen is two steps from the driveway.

How does he ensure that he gets exactly 36 with each grasp? 

Making driving just a little more fun...

A man with a plan...


Hook a car battery to it. 

How roads are built in Australia.

In some parts of the US, cornfields like that go for hundreds of miles. And each stalk is 8 feet tall.

DC-10 Firefighting aircraft low pass.
I'm assuming the first plane was his spotter to mark where to drop.

Does anyone else carefully choose the last bit of food you eat at the end of the meal so that your mouth can remember it?



All things Ralph...

I would love to know his infraction. 
Floating to close to a power line?



 B-17 Flying Fortress crew members Gus Palmer (left), a citizen of the Kiowa Nation and a side gunner, and Horace Poolaw (right), also a Kiowa and an aerial photographer.

Take off both your cap AND gown!


That would be me.

She's an old woman now. 





To last this long it must be pretty damn big...





 Wait until the kiddies learn how Lot's daughters got knocked up.





 Can you find the chicken?


Anonymous said...

Chicken is the beard, head is just under hat.

Anonymous said...

A3 - Saw afew fireflies just a few minutes ago - Columbia SC.

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