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Saturday, July 2, 2022


One Of My Very Own


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*Who is "they"?


The Book of Blessings contains an Order for Blessing of Parents After a Miscarriage









Have you noticed that it is the people who have learned all the rules that insist on those rules being obeyed?


Even though all those rules were just made up by people just like you and me.


I agree that if there is ambiguity then it is defeating the goal of communication.


But if the EXACT meaning is conveyed then how can it be wrong? "I ain't got no money" is crystal clear to me.


Sometimes I think it is less about communication and more about showing off the mundane rules that have been memorized.



All things Ralph...



"There seems to be a disconnect" = How to say "Y'all sound crazy" in a professional setting.


The gym is my favorite place to go to listen to people count to 10.



Who takes an unfordable cheap Walmart plastic chair camping?


How do the religious explain those layers on a 6000-year-old Earth? God put them there to test us? Why would he do such a thing? Oh, yeah, I forgot, questions are forbidden.



Think of the engineering required.

And the labor it took to tote the building materials up there.


I'm thinking it's a biker bar but if so why do they need to illustrate where the clutch is?




That type of deterioration is rampant in the greatest country ever created.


Said to be the premier of Jurassic Park.


Thank you, magnificent college-educated bastards!




Normalize answering the phone by saying, “I’M DOING THE BEST I CAN, CAPTAIN”.


*Absurdity is my friend.


I think that at least twice a week it should be acceptable to fall asleep with your clothes on and change to your pj’s to go to work.






The amount of maintenance those things require must be staggering.



Coffee?! I thought Brits all drank tea. Danny?


A shirt made out of all pockets.


I don't know about that example but it's sad that when you modify a fruit or vegetable to solve many of its problems you end up deleting the taste - think store-bought tomatoes.


Believe it or not, that has a specific function but I forgot what it is.



That was a ridiculously large file so I cropped it to what you see. But notice that after being planted the seedlings are run over by the small wheels. 



Why do you give me a stuffed rabbit? 

I'm a wolf goddamnit!




As I live and breathe...

-sound on-

Wait for it...



Never once has a guy said, “She’s cute but I wish her eyelashes would be so big they’d weigh down her eyelids”.


*That took me much longer than it should have.


The most unbelievable thing in movies is when someone guesses the password of a computer that’s not theirs. I can’t even figure out my own password. That I changed yesterday.














Just took 3 times my normal dose of Adderall finally gonna get to the bottom of this whole Amelia Earhart thing.


Just saw a man park, walk into a movie theater, walk out two minutes later with a large popcorn and a fountain soda, get in his car, and drive away. A hero of our time.






He kind of looked like Liberace.




So you think your job sucks.

I hate those fake danger simulators also.


A Duet

-sound on-


A choir of Danish girls practicing from their balcony suddenly find themselves performing for former US President Barack Obama.

-sound on-


Photo Painting

I like those very much.


South Park Voice Artist

-sound on-










gunker2 said...

I see your Musk envy is still evident.

Colin Kaerpernik may not have forced anyone to take a knee, but many people have been. And several have lost their jobs for declining.
The supreme court did not find any retaliation against players who refused to pray with him

Yet another straw man. Not all religious people are young earth creationists

Ralph Henry said...

Dear Gunker,
You need to get another hobby other than commenting about Folio Olio. It's been fun but I fear, sir, that you are a racist and the welcome mat has been rescinded. Declare yourself the victor if it would make you feel better, but I've had enough. All future comments from you will be deleted unread. Goodbye and stay safe.

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